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Medical Marijuana Race Car is a ‘No Go’ for NASCAR


We reported earlier this week that Cannabis Planet TV was being picked up as a sponsor for NASCAR, as did just about every other media outlet. The car they were supposed to sponsor, number 38, was on the track today, but Cannabis Planet TV logos were nowhere to be found (click here). Cannabis Planet feels that NASCAR pulled the plug once it saw marijuana leafs on the logos. NASCAR claims that it never received the necessary paperwork for the new sponsor. That’s ironic, considering NASCAR let the media report all week that the car was going to race. Maybe they don’t watch TV, or read any publications in America…The car’s owner, Phillip Dugan of Dynamic Motor Sports, seemed just as confused as everyone else. “I’m not mad about anything, but I’m a little frustrated. That fact that we’re trying to bring a new crowd to NASCAR, we’re trying to do new things,” says Dugan.

Cannabis Planet TV wanted to raise medical marijuana awareness by sponsoring a contestant at a national level, in front of a nationwide audience. Unfortunately, that day will have to wait. “The reason we’re on TV is to bring our message to the mainstream, and this was another way to get our message out to the mainstream,” said Brad Lane, of Cannabis Planet Productions. I don’t know what is more disappointing about this story; the fact that NASCAR didn’t allow a medical marijuana sponsor, or that a reader (weedbay guy) commented on the previous car story saying “Last I heard NASCAR isn’t down with the car and blocked it’s entry onto the track with a police car.” If that is true, then maybe in addition to boycotting Walmart, the medical marijuana community should also boycott NASCAR! To quote weedbay guy again ‘Screw NASCAR.’


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  1. Why are we surpirsed? Until we move the pot image for people mind, we will always be ban. This is the greatest medicine in the whole world and soon the world will realize it. Read my website and go through all the links and see why Cannabis is truly medicine.

  2. Nascar is based right out of moonshine country usa, you’d think they would understand prohibition. Some of the comments I’ve seen in Sacramento fox forums is nascar doesn’t want a pot head smoking in the car. Like the Home Depot driver is using a table saw in the car, and the Levitra driver, well we know what he’s doing. Nascar got bought out by Toyota and is losing fans over that too. So Nascar blocks a Ford marijuana planet car. Okay Nascar-son.

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