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Medical Marijuana Raids Begin In Oregon


Oregon marijuanaBy Steve Elliott of Toke of the Town

Narcotics detectives on Wednesday raided a marijuana lounge in Aloha, Oregon, spending a good part of the morning removing computers and interviewing customers who showed up at the door.

No arrests were made at the Wake ‘n’ Bake Cannabis Lounge by the Westside Interagency Narcotics Team, but search warrants were also served at residences associated with the store and its owners, reports Dana Tims at The Oregonian.

“Today just happened to be the day when the investigation culminated to the point we were ready to serve our search warrants,” said Dave Thompson, a spokesman for the Washington County Sheriff’s office.

evil copWitnesses said police cars sped into the lot in front of the lounge just after 7:30 a.m. Just before noon, Doug Holmberg, manager of a nearby auto-parts store, said his employees saw officers carrying rifles go into the business.

Nearby businesses described the Wake ‘n’ Bake Cannabis Lounge’s owner, Katherine Cambron, as a good neighbor.

“I’ve got nothing bad to say about them, except that they took over the parking lot,” said Arthur Hixon, owner of All Things Aquatic, a business two doors away.

The lounge, located at 18918 Southwest Shaw Street in Aloha, opened last November. The business charges a fee that enables medical marijuana patients to become members. It then distributes cannabis to members, Thompson said.

Law enforcement started investigating the Wake ‘n’ Bake when detectives learned the business was allegedly selling marijuana to customers, supposedly in violation of Oregon’s medical cannabis law.

The raid follows a threatening letter issued earlier this month by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Oregon, in conjunction with the Washington County District Attorney’s Office and a majority of D.A.’s around the state.

The letter said the sale of marijuana was a violation of both state and federal law and “would not be tolerated.”

In addition to the Wake ‘n’ Bake Cannabis Lounge, search warrants were served at a Beaverton apartment described as a “corporate apartment” for the lounge, a residence in Aloha and a residence in Hillsboro.

Thompson said the investigation is ongoing.

Article From Toke of the Town and republished with special permission.


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  1. Zachary Everett on

    gentlemen, gentlemen please. Do not make an issue of medical use VS recreational use. That is just what the anti Drug Warriors want. Full legalization for well informed adult citizens is the only answer to the “marijuana question”. Yes marijuana has very legitimate medical value, but the real issue is whether our government will let an informed public make both health and lifestyle choices freely and unfettered.  

  2. kenneth o okolie on

    I need freedom to smoke, gim me chance them cops. Mari .j is naturally from old pap jah. I sign for medical mari.j legalization.

  3. You’re obviously a black market dealer afraid of competition from legitimate business.

  4. To be fair, though, these lounges are SO over-bending the law it’s pretty ridiculous. It gives the whole movement a bad name, because it’s like mischievous little kids who are quasi-adhering to the letter of the law (but clearly pushing to the absolute limit of the ‘gray zone’) while clearly violating the spirit of the law. So then the lawmakers have to go back and crush out those gray zones by making the laws even more strict, with creepy law enforcement crackdowns in the meantime. These lounges are not advancing the movement, they are individuals motivated by $ profit. It’s not cool. They’re not helping anything. And then when other states try to pass laws allowing medical marijuana, anti-pot folks can easily point out how abused the privilege gets by the weed crowd, and votes easily fail. It’s all frustrating as fuck. Oregon has not given permission to sell weed in any way whatsoever, yet these lounges are doing exactly that. “Oh, but it’s a *DONATION* though!” F’ing bullshit that screws things up for everyone else.

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