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Medical Marijuana Recalled In Canada For Being Too Potent


marijuana recall canadaThere is a medical marijuana recall in Canada. As far as I know, this is at least the second time there has been a recall issued. This recall is unique in that the reason the recall was issued is because the medical marijuana is too potent. Per the Health Canada:

Peace Naturals Project Inc. is voluntarily recalling product Nyce N’ EZ (Lot number: 12-NAE-003-14 and Lot Number: 12-NAE-003-14-A) of marijuana for medical purposes.

During the course of a regular inspection conducted under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, Health Canada inspectors determined this product was labelled with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) of 9.07% with a product specification of +/- 2% of THC. However, when retested from a third party laboratory, the product demonstrated that the content of THC may be as high as 13.7%.

While exposure to high levels of THC may be associated with increased risks of experiencing certain adverse effects, the level of THC in this product does not appear to have been high enough to trigger an increased risk to the health and safety of clients. The company has not received reports of any adverse events or complaints associated with the use of this product, nor has Health Canada received any reports of adverse reactions. Therefore, the impact of this mislabelling represents a low risk to the health and safety of clients.

Peace Naturals Project Inc. is instructing clients to immediately discontinue use of any marijuana from this batch. Clients should return the marijuana by contacting Peace Naturals Project Inc. to obtain appropriate packaging and postage paid shipping container. If clients wish to destroy the product at home, they should add water to the marijuana to render it unusable, mix it with cat litter to mask the odour and dispose of it with regular household waste.

Producers of marijuana for medical purposes are subject to compliance and enforcement measures similar to those in place for other producers of controlled substances. They must meet strict security, control and reporting requirements, and they are regularly inspected.

How many of you are out there like, ‘send me all of the recalled marijuana!’?


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  1. Indeed. And what was issued is essentially just a warning, since it’s a “voluntary recall advisory”. People can send it back if they want, but as you note, likely no one really will care about it being a few percentage points higher.

  2. I will be the adult here, send your “bad cannabis ” to me and I will dispose of it in a timely and grownup manner. Just say’in.

  3. Nice Pic Cyndy, I think you would look better with longer hair and maybe different glasses or none at all!

  4. Anyone who has come in contact with this should send it to Ky. I will dispose of it as quick as possible. Probably in little pieces of paper. Could take awhile.

  5. I can understand the mislabeling snafu, but just send out a warning memo and call it a day. No customer is going to be concerned about receiving a superior product for a reasonable price.

  6. Obviously they don’t know what they’re doing. Closet prohibitionists in love with numbers more likely. Marc Emery was right about what goes on in Canada cannabis wise. Maybe they should make him the head of this Canadian project as I’m sure he’s forgotten more about cannabis then these people will ever know. Why not let a real expert in cannabis try their hand, not only in Canada but Colorado and especially Washington state, at running things? Oh that’s right, this is pseudo legalization with a profit motive. And I don’t know what they call it there. So don’t ask em anything else especially anything requiring common sense because they simply don’t know. And as this article illustrates so well, they don’t have any common sense either.

  7. “In an email to Lift Tuesday, the regulator said “Health Canada inspectors determined that the company had released products labelled with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content obtained from an in-house analytical method that was not appropriately validated”

  8. Does anyone else realize that +/- 2% from 9.1% COULD be 11.1% and the same +/- 2% of 13.7 (other test) could be 11.7%
    11.1 is pretty close to 11.7%

  9. ≈13% opposed to ≈9% was the reason for the recall? Come on. Very few would have noticed the difference nor would anyone using the product complain about the potency.

  10. Or they could say this is good sh*t…

    leave it to government bull sht to mess something beautiful up.
    This from a country who had some Marijuana they came from Manitoba that was knick named wheel chair weed.

  11. Too potent, really ….

    We will just consume less is that ok?

    (Geez where can I get some? Does it have a hashish taste?)

  12. Whoever runs these sites is a fucking dipshit and knows nothing, it’s prolly some old hag, who is an anti-pot activist who never even smoked weed before and if your getting weed that’s only 13% that’s some poop anyway, that like some reggie. Too potent? That’s hilarious, fucking morons

  13. Bet there will be a run on the stuff if it hasn’t been taken off the market already.

    The water and kitty litter concoction sounds gruesome. Just imagine some kiddies finding it in a dumpster and trying to revive it. Brownies with kitty litter anyone? I have a better solution: As I have substantial empty cabinet space, I could store it and then dispose of it in a responsible manner. Guaranteed!!!!

  14. I would love to know how marijuana can be too potent (and they claim this all the time with dabs and other concentrates), but 100% THC Marinol is perfectly fine. Oh, and the increased potency causes…no side effects other than a faster, more effective high.

  15. Exactly. Patients should just ignore the recall. If desired, they can adjust by using less of the more potent weed.

  16. Holy cow. After seeing the headline, I’m thinking it musta been some pretty potent stuff – like 30% or something. But 13%?

  17. They are recalling medium grade for being too potent? Regulation is fine but this just sounds like a rabbit round up to me. It’s weed, not LSD.

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