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Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill Filed In Washington State


marijuana reform bill legislature session legislative billsThe State of Washington has needed a medical marijuana industry regulation bill for a very long time. There have been attempts in the pass to do so, but those efforts never succeeded. Without fair, clear medical marijuana regulations in Washington State, the medical marijuana industry will always be under attack. That is bad for the industry, and is especially bad for patients. A new effort was started yesterday with the introduction of a bill in Washington’s Legislature. Per The Joint Blog:

Washington State Representatives Luis Moscoso (D-Mountlake Terrace) and Maureen Walsh (R-Walla Wall) have introduced legislation to create a system of licensing and regulation for medical cannabis.

According to a press release sent today by Rep. Mosoco, House Bill 2058 is identical to legislation that passed both the House and Senate in 2011, before being largely vetoed by then-Governor Christine Gregoire due to concerns about federal intervention.

“With the legalization of recreational marijuana and subsequent changes in federal law and enforcement, we have a real opportunity to create a better medical marijuana system for Washington,” says Moscoso. “It’s time we established clear and consistent regulations that preserve patient rights.”

The medical marijuana system in Washington needs some major improvements. There will have to be some sacrifices made on the industry side, as well as the political side if things are truly going to happen. Washington’s medical marijuana industry is one of the most tense situations I have seen in the marijuana world, so I’m sure there will be a lot of hurdles along the way. But for the sake of the industry, and the sake of patients, I hope something gets worked out soon.


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  1. I live here and besides being unimpressed, I wouldn’t be holding my proverbial breath on what they want or plan to do either. I’m still wondering how this state is getting away with collecting taxes on a Schedule 1 substance and breaking federal law every day they keep the recreational charade going?
    Thinking about possible futures and all, I look forward to the day when one of the local tribes (or maybe this will happen some place else?) who have several nice casinos in western Washington state make the announcement that they’re going to open a new cannabis consumption bar complete with 4 or 5 star food, adult beverages, lots of big screens, live music, fun & games 24 hours a day for those that wish to imbibe LEGALLY using world class cannabis, along with what the tribe already serves & does. They’ll build it and YOU (and everyone else) will come. And while I’ve had the dream (more likely a fantasy that could never be done by a late middle aged white guy because of the govt and red tape here) these guys, the native Americans and their gaming industry, will be just the ones that crack that nut and do it successfully. Might I add that the first one could possibly be a market setting attraction on par with the first major casino opening here many years ago now?? I can’t even remember when that happened it’s been so long ago and you seldom hear anything disparaging (besides the obvious) at the area casinos in our media.(Won’t it be nice when cannabis is…uneventful like that?) So I guess I’d ask you if you know the correct pronunciation of Puyallup or Muckleshoot or Tulalip or any other Washington state native American tribal names yet, especially those that already have (already socially accepted) high class & well used gaming facilities?? Don’t worry because if this does happen, EVERYONE will know how the new owner’s name and ethnicity is pronounced then, no matter where one lives here on planet Earth. TO BE FIRST IN THIS CASE INSURES INSTANT FAME (or notoriety depending on one’s outlook) & FORTUNE, AT THE LEAST – something the tribes recognize and specialize in capitalizing on. Just watch…

  2. firetheliberals on

    Olympia will screw up the Mmj market as they have done to the recreational market all in the name of taxes.. mmj works today, rec is faltering

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