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Medical Marijuana Researcher Appeals Employment Termination


ptsd second amendment military veteran cannabis marijuanaSue Sisley was a researcher for the University of Arizona who was supposed to be researching cannabis and how it affects PTSD. Sue Sisley was dismissed from her job at the University, and the University of Arizona didn’t give a valid reason for their decision. Sue Sisley feels that she was let go because Arizona lawmakers don’t like the topic she was researching. Per AZ Central:

A University of Arizona researcher who claimed she was dismissed after she lobbied for her study of marijuana for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder is fighting to get her job back.

Sue Sisley has filed a formal appeal with the University of Arizona asking that she be reinstated as assistant professor with the Department of Psychiatry, assistant director of the Arizona Telemedicine Program and as a researcher. And a Change.org petition to bring back Sisley so far has collected more than 31,000 signatures.

Sisley blames political pressure that she believes came after she clashed with state lawmakers over her research. The University of Arizona has denied political pressure played a role but otherwise would not discuss Sisley’s expiring contracts, saying it does not comment on personnel matters.

Sue Sisley deserves to carry out the research that she fought so hard for. Military veterans and others that suffer from PTSD deserve to have this research conducted so that knowledge can be obtained that will help doctors know more about cannabis and PTSD. To further delay the process is an injustice to every patient that suffers from PTSD. If you haven’t already signed the Change.Org petition, I encourage you to do so.


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  1. Dr. Sisley has lost her appeal to get her job back… so, so sorry. But, how about moving to New Mexico?

  2. There are now over 96,000 people who have signed the petition to allow Dr Sisley to complete her PTSD research at the U of A:


    It goes beyond uncivilized and barbaric for legislators like Kavanaugh, Biggs, and Yee to try to keep medicine from children and others who can benefit. Kavanaugh, Biggs, and Yee continue to listen to the voices in their heads rather than to the external voices of reason. These are the truly despicable, vile, and evil people who care only for profits of private prisons and not the quality of life of those in Arizona. Money from the medical marijuana act needs to be released immediately to allow Dr Sisley to complete this important study.

  3. Yeah, I only wanted one of the pictures deleted, since they posted as duplicates. Doesn’t matter, wasn’t a very good meme anyway. :)

  4. As a Marine Corps combat veteran with PTSD and chronic pain from combat injuries, I can tell you all personally that Cannabis absolutely does help with both PTSD and we all already know it works for pain (not like ibuprofen for example, but just makes the pain less noticeable). Honestly I don’t really enjoy the high that much, sometimes I would much rather do without the high, unlike the teenage years so long ago lol. I use Cannabis because it is the ONLY thing that works without a hundred side effects. Right now, if I look in my medicine chest, there’s 20 different pharmaceutical medications that the VA has given me for the PTSD, insomnia (part of the PTSD), and the pain. Not only do they fail to work, they also have extreme side effects which I can’t live with. Also, my personal belief system is directly averse to dumping all those toxic chemicals into my body and thus into the environment. The government has failed me, despite all I have given it. Thus it has failed you too. I’m not saying it’s for everyone and everything, but Cannabis works for me personally when all else has failed.

  5. From Wikipedia:

    Yee worked for California Governors Pete Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. She was then communications director at the office of the State Treasurer of Arizona. Upon the recommendation of Governor Jan Brewer, Yee was appointed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to replace Republican Rep. Doug Quellan after he was ousted for violating Clean Election Limits.

    Yee sponsored a bill that would make it illegal for minors to possess water pipes.

    In 2012, Yee introduced HB 2838, a bill that would ban abortions of fetuses over 20 weeks old. While the bill had stalled in committee, Yee used a “strike-everything amendment” to reincarnate the proposed legislation as HB 2036. The bill passed the Arizona House and Senate and was signed into law on April 12, 2012.

    In 2014, Yee blocked a study that would examine the treatment of PTSD with medical cannabis. The completion of the study is in question as the lead researcher, Dr. Sue Sisley, has been dismissed.

  6. Kimberly Yee: Your time will come. All cannabis lovers are patient. We will wait. And we will always remember your name. Your political career is doomed — doomed, I say! (So let it be written, so let it be done.)

  7. Wow, that just infuriates me. I’m shocked AZ law allows funds appropriated from the MMJ program to be “redistributed” to groups who actively oppose it. That’s a new low. That’s like money for cancer research being given to tobacco companies.

  8. She’ll never win her appeal. This is retribution for ALL the phone calls that Kimberly Yee and Senate President Andy Biggs received (thousands of calls) over Yee’s REFUSAL to give HB2333 (Medical Marijuana PTSD study) even a hearing in her committee.

    She was caught LYING about the reason she didn’t allow it to come to a vote and people went NUTS! She said the reason she didn’t allow it to come to a vote, was that she was unable to contact Congressman Ethan Orr (Tucson) who was the original sponsor of the bill. She said she wanted to discuss it with him. Supposedly, HE was out of town at the time. HE insists that he returned her call at LEAST 6 times and SHE wouldn’t get on the phone.

    We were targeting her in the primary. But the person we had to primary her, fell ONE SIGNATURE SHORT of making the ballot. NOW she’s running UNOPPOSED even in the General election because the DEMS didn’t have the BALLS to oppose her. Once she found out the guy fell ONE signature short of qualifying for the ballot, she KNEW her seat was safe.

    It was THAT juncture when they felt emboldened to stick it to not only Dr Sisley, but the Medical Marijuana community as well, OVER those calls. The money that was to be earmarked for that study, came from PATIENTS fees on their MMJ cards. She took that money and GAVE it to Law Enforcement as well as a couple ANTI Marijuana groups. One of which is called MATFORCE, that is headed by Yavapai County Attorney, Sheila Polk. THEY travel around the state citing Drug War propaganda, and telling everyone how BAD marijuana is.

    Kimberly Yee, chairs the Education committee and defunded the study. Then to further put MORE pressure on the University, she & Andy Biggs kept slicing UA’s budget in OTHER areas as well. Therefore forcing UA to FIRE her. That was the only way they were getting their budget back.

    So the moral of story is… don’t EVER think your signature or your vote DON’T count.

  9. You got love it(not really) nothing like seeing someone getting fired just because she believed that there might be something out there that would work better and is safer to use for PTSD. It’s a bunch of self righties pricks that don’t know or do not want to believe justifiable facts and are willing to take a blind I to anything that does not fit in there beliefs. Guess what people that’s the same type of mental ignorance and brain washing that the al qaeda use to corrupt there followers into murdering people.

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