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Medical Marijuana Storefronts In Oregon Have Caused No Crime


Oregon marijuanaAs many TWB readers know, Ninjasmoker and I live in Oregon where an interesting phenomenon is occurring. Despite what many Oregon Medical Marijuana Program participants think, dispensaries are illegal in Oregon. I know many, many people will blast me in my networks and probably on here for making such a claim, but I invite them to read the law; it’s black and white. HOWEVER, let me be clear, I DON’T CARE THAT THEY ARE ILLEGAL. I think it’s great that they are opening and I am planning another article explaining why I think they are GREAT.

How many dispensaries are open in Oregon (well we call them ‘clubs’ or ‘collectives’ or ‘clubhouses’ but lets be real) is very hard to know for sure, but just in Eugene and Salem there are almost a couple of dozen now. The number of delivery services is also growing everyday, just look at Craigslist. One thing that is not rising is crime. That’s right all of you neo-cons, there have been no reports of crime relating to medical marijuana dispensaries/clubs/etc. Not on the news, not in the newspapers, no robberies, nothing. I guess one could argue that the wake ‘n bake bust was a crime, but just for marijuana, not any other offense.

Something that is on the rise in Oregon is marijuana jobs. Because there are central locations to outlet medical marijuana now, sales staffs are growing, the growers are employing help as they grow more to meet the demand, and even security companies are reaping the benefits of this new booming area of commerce. Who knows how many off-shoot jobs are also being created as a direct result of these new entities. I can’t speak for all areas, but Salem and Eugene are seeing buildings rented that have gone vacant for years now. Why did anyone vote against Measure 74 in 2010? This seems to be working; hopefully voters realize that by Election Day in 2012…


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Johnny Green



    You Sir have a big stick up your butt! There are many sick and dying folks out there with NO acess without a network of growers with excess. This is about patients and their needs. I pray you never get cancer because you Will die from it.
    I on the other hand have survived and BEAT a terminal life sentence. Cannabis CURES cancer in many ways, helps me eat and sleep. Most of all it gave me a reason to fight instead of giving in to “old school idealism” and being dead by now.

    Do some actual research and learn the truth. Perhaps you will see the light out of the pharmaceutical box!

  2. Well yes you obviously do not care as you openly promote illegal dispensary’s in Oregon as I noticed the advertisement for Kannabosm at the bottom of this page, which I add can get you in serious legal trouble as the Justice department has issued a statement saying they are going after any media organizations that advertise dispensary’s in California.
    Second how can you expect the rest of the State much less the Nation to respect your civil liberty’s pertaining to Medical MJ if you cant follow your own or respect others, we voted no, there will be another opportunity soon to vote but we do not gain privilege by breaking our own laws, to many people blatantly expect what they wont offer.
    Third it is ridiculous to argue the premise that their are somehow not enough growers in the program to grow for patients to sustain the community but somehow there are shelves full of other patients meds outsourced at illegal dispensary’s for sale .
    Fourth it does not make sense that growers have been supporting patients for 12 years in the Ommp and before there are efforts to legitimize growers, people want to legitimize middle men dispensary’s who for the most part are neither growers or holistic health practitioners but merely black market entrepreneurs.
    Fifth there are all kinds of associated crimes with dispensaries as green becomes gold dispensary’s provide a clandestine avenue for stolen crops as people can sell them privately to middlemen dispensary’s to sell without question, so whats really going on here.

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