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Medical Marijuana Supporters Nationwide Mourn The Passing Of Cash ‘Cashy’ Hyde


It is with great sadness that I report the passing of 4-year old Cash Hyde in Missoula, Montana. My prayers and thoughts are with his family. Mike Hyde posted the following statement on Facebook, “Cashy passed away tonight while I was holding him. His last breath was so peacful and i feel so comforted knowing that he was at home with family. Cancer will never hurt Cashy again and for that I am thankful. One Love.”

In some disturbing developments, a message posted on the Cash Hyde Foundation Facebook page says, “I would like all of Cashys fans to call the missoula mayors office and complain how the Missoula Police department and coroners office treated my family only minutes after Cashy passed last night. 5 uniformed cops came to our house 20 minutes after he passed and pushed their way in.”

“I asked if they could leave as we only wanted family so we could mourn and they refused. Then they told us they were taking him and we had to argue with them for 45 minutes that Cashy was staying with us. They completely disrespected our family and Cashys moment of peace,” the post continued.

TWB readers, you know what to do. CALL THOSE JERKS UNTIL THEY DO WHAT’S RIGHT!


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  1. I was looking for videos on Cash and I cant fathom the pain this family had to endure.

    Cash Hyde touched people all over the world , Rick Simpson in Europe and Can.

    is spreading the CURE.

    I know cannabis helped Cash ,and its a shame our society labelled his suppliers “criminals”

    RIP and healing to Cashy’s parents , the world can feel your pain!

  2. RIP Cashy rest with the Angels, you have touched many many lives and your memory will push us farther to get this legalized.God forgive me but I am so angry that the Government stopped your treatments just as you were getting better. Rest now angel, your family and friends miss you.

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