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Medical Marijuana Supporters Want To Add PTSD To List Of Qualifying Conditions In Oregon


oregon state marijuana post-traumatic stress disorderThe Nation’s Second Oldest Medical Marijuana Program Still Leaves Many Veterans Without Medical Marijuana Cards

As an Oregonian, it has always saddened me that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is not a standalone condition that qualifies a patient for a medical marijuana card. Oregon is the second oldest medical marijuana program in the nation, and in many ways the best, but in this regard my home state has dropped the ball. Medical marijuana opponents in Oregon will be quick to point out that most veterans qualify for the program in other ways, but I have always felt that if even ONE veteran is going without safe medicine when they would obviously benefit from having it, then that should be the end of the discussion.

I don’t want to take away from the ailments that other patient’s have, because suffering is suffering, and I believe anyone who is suffering is worthy of compassion. But I also feel there needs to be some extra credit given to those that have fought for our nation and are suffering. Any politician or medical marijuana opponent that wants to argue otherwise can feel free to e-mail me, although I don’t think I’ll expect anything in my inbox about it.

To deny PTSD sufferers, veterans especially, medical marijuana is to lack compassion on a level that I will never understand. I would like to see every politician in Oregon be forced to go on the record on this issue, and anyone that doesn’t support it gets put on Google and social media and let the public decide how they like it. I feel that too many Oregon politicians and special interests have been operating in the shadows and playing delay tactics on this issue for too long.

“If I get racing thoughts and real worked up, it can break a panic attack pretty quick,” Jared Townsend, a 27-year-old Iraq War veteran, told the The Oregonian. The same article went on to point out that ‘In New Mexico, which legalized medical marijuana in 2007, the state’s Department of Health said 40 percent of medical marijuana patients list PTSD as their qualifying condition, far more than any other condition.’

The Oregonian stated, “Jason Hansman, senior program manager for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, said medical marijuana’s potential to help sick veterans deserves serious examination. ”We treat it like any other new treatment technique: We want to see it studied. We want to see increased research to see if it’s a viable solution,” said Hansman, whose group represents 145,000 veterans.”

Do you suffer from PTSD? How does cannabis help you? Are you in a medical marijuana program for a different condition, or are you left out in the dark? I look forward to hearing your stories.


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  1. Steve in Oakland on

    I worked for several years [1997-2001] in the Legal Unit at Swords to Plowshares, a veterans’ rights organization, in San Francisco. http://www.swords-to-plowshares.org/ Most of our clients were veterans of the war on Viet Nam who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It always struck me as cruel that the same guys who had had their youth interrupted by war were told they couldn’t use marijuana to help them deal with their PTSD. The Veterans Administration was big on psychotropic drugs, but totally down on marijuana.

  2. I Also suffer from PTSD besides having a Bad back and their is no doubt in my mind that Cannabis also helps deal with the stress when having a PTSD attack,There was a story in last december issue of Hightimes BY DR.Metamede from the U of Colorado and he’s on the advisory board of veterans for medical marijuana access, He STATE’S that The Endo-cannabinoid system plays a fundamental role in regulating the biochemistry that appear yo underlie PTSD, for more information about this go to Hightimes.com/tags/veterans..Oregon should Help It’s Veteran instead of making matter whose for them thank U 4 your time PEACE Frank W

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