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Medical Marijuana TV Ad Calls Out New York State Senator Dean Skelos


In this emotional TV ad, a mother calls out New York State Senator Dean Skelos for blocking a vote on the Compassionate Care Act, which would provide access to medical marijuana for people like her son. She points out how medical marijuana is providing relief to so many people across the country, and asks Senator Skelos to allow a vote on the Compassionate Care Act. New Yorkers are urged to sign our Change.org Petition —http://www.change.org/petitions/tell-… – which calls on Governor Cuomo and Senate leaders to pass medical marijuana this year.


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Johnny Green


  1. Lincoln Nicholson on

    They have to justify their existence…increase budgets…and more overtime….pot busts look good on their agenda.

  2. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Last winter, I had the great fortune of meeting Missy and Oliver Miller outside the NYS Senate Conference Chamber. Their mutual love for each other is incredibly moving, a real sight to behold, as in this video but especially in person.
    For the Millers’ sake, and for many other New Yorkers who may benefit from medical cannabis, every stubborn senator who opposes the Compassionate Care Act should be resoundingly rejected by voters in the next election. That means my closest two near Saratoga Springs, Sen. Kathleen A. Marchione (43rd District) and Hugh T. Farley (49th District), gotta go. They both refuse to consider the REAL history of cannabis plants in the United States, while subscribing to the uber-hyped up versions of Harry Anslinger, Richard Nixon, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, all past Drug Enforcement Administration chiefs, and current DEA obfuscator Michele Leonhart.
    Doctors had prescribed cannabis as medicine for more than 90 years (1850-1940s), before the “marihuana” hunters of America began a ruthless war to eradicate these truly amazing plants. To this very day, the anti-marijuana war continues in New York precisely because of naysayers like Marchione and Farley. They are not serving the People, but basically the interests of Fascism (=a merger of corporations and state).

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