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Medical Marijuana TV Ad Slams Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton


In this hard-hitting TV ad, a mother rips Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton for blocking access to medical marijuana for people like her 5-year-old son, who suffers from a condition that causes him to have hundreds of seizures per day. She describes how medical marijuana reduced her son’s seizures by 88% during a trip to Oregon, where it was legal for him to access it, and she chides the governor for standing in the way of effective medical marijuana legislation that would allow her son to get it at home in Minnesota.


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  1. pictures tell the story. the fact that on camera you can see the positive effects it has on not just seizures but many different ailments. why is the u.s. so far behind with the rest of the world. you can only hope common sense one day will. prevail. then again we are talking about some forward thinking. perhaps big pharma hasn’t weighed in yet. you know admit what a fraud it really is.

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