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Meet Sugar Bob: Oregon’s Marijuana Eating Deer


Richard Davis is a medical marijuana grower in southeast Oregon. When OPB went to interview him, they were surprised to find his pet deer helping on the farm. To people that aren’t from Oregon or don’t consume marijuana, this video footage might be surprising. However, if you are a marijuana consuming Oregonian, this video is likely not surprising at all. I have lived my entire life in Oregon, and I love it here. After watching the video below, I love it even more.


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  1. I realize that , and they’re a rogue unit self funded through jackboot
    NY Stop and Frisk targets minorities and the response is to arrest more whites

  2. I share the sentiment, but they didn’t lose their funding. The DEA is funded through the ONDCP, not the DOJ, so section 538 of the spending bill does nothing to cut the DEA’s funding in medical cannabis states.

  3. Deputize that deer!
    The new face of the DEA
    Now that they lost funding for the Jack boot raids!

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