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Merry Christmas 2014 From The Weed Blog!


This is the fifth Christmas that I have been running The Weed Blog. I remember when Jay Smoker and I created this blog in 2010. I never, ever would have thought we would be here five years later, spreading awareness on a daily basis like we do. This Christmas, The Weed Blog’s fifth Christmas, I am as grateful as ever to be doing this. I promise to keep blogging as long as I can sign in, and our readers will support it.

This last year we saw a lot of things – two more states legalized marijuana (Oregon and Alaska), Washington D.C. legalized marijuana, some of the largest cities in America have decriminalized marijuana, etc. I would always half joke to people and tell them that all I wanted for Christmas was for marijuana prohibition to be ended where I live (Oregon). Looks like I’m going to have to get a different Christmas present idea next year, because Christmas came a little early for me this year!

From all of us here at The Weed Blog (Jay Smoker, Travis, and I, and all of our valued contributors), we want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US!

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  1. Its first and foremost a money issue. When money enters the picture they couldn’t give a damn about morality. So sad and hypocritical. But thanks to great info from the WeedBlog its getting harder and harder to tell their lies about cannabis.

  2. I am so out of the loop and found out I have cancer and don’t want to have chemo or radiation. I have done a lot of research and have decided that I want to go the cannabis way. but can’t figure out how to obtain the medicine. I live in Springfield, MO. Here is my email if anyone knows of a way to get in contact with someone in my area for advise and/or medicine. TY sheenae7777 at hotmail.

  3. Karen Ferguson on

    Thanks for this lead for info!! http://bjp.rcpsych.org/content/178/2/101.full
    In case anyone else is intererested, here’s one link I’ve found so far. I want to know what’s being written in ‘scientific’ journals….
    Thanks again. And, I agree. It’s immoral for cannabis to be illegal especially when 7 year olds are being prescribed Ritalin……still.
    Really irks me.

  4. The sooner we have some legitimate medical studies performed in this country that offer definitive, positive affects on specific medical disorders, then legalization will have a much smoother path toward acceptance by the masses.
    The feds could move this issue forward rapidly if they would come through on their promise to reschedule cannabis, but to date all they’re done is talk a good game, but done essentially nothing that has a positive, direct and immediate impact.

  5. 2014 was a glorious year. More states are becoming liberated. Made several trips to Colorado to experience cannabis freedom and the feeling of freedom is more of a high than the weed itself.. Why in god’s name why some people think that the unprotected unregulated black market which doesn’t guarantee customer satisfaction and criminalize users is more preferable, I’ll never wrap my head around that. I don’t think it’s cool to be a criminal but I guess I’m not hip.
    The Weed Blog is the premier blog site for the latest news and information. If you are not reading the weed blog. You are not paying attention. I can’t thank the editors enough for all they have done to raise cannabis freedom awareness. I also thank the people who comment and share their thoughts. Even if we disagree, I can still learn from what other people are saying.
    Prohibition, here’s your hat what’s your hurry?

  6. The sooner prohibition ends, the better it is for everyone.
    I was just looking over a special edition of the British Journal of Pharmacology special issue on Cannabanoids in Biology and Medicine.
    It tears my heart out and pisses me off that Marijuana still isn’t legal for Physicians to prescribe when it helps so many patients with so many different illnesses, especially Cancer patients.
    This whole thing has risen to the level of a moral issue.
    There’s no good reason for Marijuana to be illegal, and its immoral as can be to deny it to patents suffering from Cancer.
    President Obama should take action immediately.
    Its nuts to prevent people sick or dying from getting medicines that can ease their suffering and even more nuts to prevent people dying of Cancer from having access to something so helpful with such an amazing safety profile.
    Cancer patients can’t wait.
    People need to face up to the fact that its a moral issue — and that things need to change immediately.
    Nobody should use Cancer patients as political footballs, and that’s what prohibitionists are doing.

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