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Mexico: Top Roman Catholic Cardinal Says He Has No Problem With Medical Marijuana

Cardinal Norberto Rivera marijuana

(image via CNN)

Whenever I hear that someone is opposed to medical marijuana, I always wonder why they don’t believe in compassion. Because that’s what medical marijuana is all about. If people are suffering, they should be able to try to alleviate that suffering in anyway they can so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. Medical marijuana doesn’t hurt anyone else, and has been shown to be quite effective for treating all kinds of conditions. I personally have arthritis in my foot, and have tried a lot of things to help with the daily pain. Marijuana is the only thing that seems to work.

There are countless stories and testimonials out there from patients who use medical marijuana to help alleviate their suffering. There are some stories of suffering out there that are so sad and heartbreaking, that I can’t fathom how someone could hear them and then want to deny those people medicine. Medical marijuana is a form of medicine that is far safer than pharmaceutical drugs. Yet opponents act like marijuana has no medical value, and anyone who uses it should be treated like a criminal.

Over the weekend a top Roman Catholic Cardinal in Mexico came out and stated that he has no problem with the use of medical marijuana, which delighted patients and supporters, but resulted in some criticism. Per Fox Latino News:

Cardinal Norberto Rivera, the Catholic Church’s top authority in Mexico, said he has no problem with the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The cardinal said Sunday that the church has never had a problem recommending the use of “all elements from nature that can be used to help improve health.”

He recalled that when he was a child the plant was commonly used for health reasons such as relieving pain, said Cardinal Rivera, who also serves as the archbishop of Mexico City.

Medical marijuana is about compassion, and the Catholic Church claims to stand for compassion. So this endorsement of medical marijuana should not surprise anyone, and it should be a view that should be shared by all religious people. That’s why more and more religious leaders are coming out in support of marijuana reform, and for an end to the drug war altogether.


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  1. To bad the lying establishment ‘churches’ typically oppose any drug use despite the Bible NOT condemning it explicitly and there being strong evidence that the Bible is Pro-Cannabis and strong historical evidence proving Marijuana usage personally, medicinally, and religiously since the beginning of recorded history just like I explain in a video addressing this on my YouTube channel ProLegalTreesGuy.

    Who care what the Catholic church thinks! They are not now, never have been, and never CAN be Pro-Cannabis without being lying hypocrites! That establishment is pure evil at its core! The Vatican is evil and has repeatedly covered up for many of their priest molesting children and the Vatican helped smuggle ardent war criminal Nazi’s out of Europe via the RAT lines to escape capture. Ever heard of the DARK AGES people!? You can all thank the Vatican for that! They are not a biblical religion, they blatantly violate Biblical dogma, Claim the Pope is basically god, and are nothing more than the Roman Empire reborn and re-veiled in Biblical appearances as the old pagan gods became the Catholic pantheon of saints. The Catholic church is an abomination and a cesspool of evil murderous men.

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