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Miami-Dade Marijuana Decriminalization Law Will Start In One Week


miami dade county florida marijuanaThis week there was a very significant victory for marijuana reform in Florida. The Miami-Dade County Commissioners voted to decriminalize the personal possession of marijuana up to 20 grams. Right now in Miami-Dade County, and throughout Florida, personal possession of up to 20 grams is a crime, punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. Such a charge also comes with the ‘marijuana scarlet letter’ and labels anyone convicted as a criminal. Under Miami-Dade County’s new law, possession of up to 20 grams would be punishable by a $100 ticket, or two days of community service.

This is big news for those living in Miami-Dade County. No one should ever serve even one minute in a jail cell for marijuana, and law enforcement should be allowed to focus on fighting real crime, instead of spending countless hours investigating and processing a marijuana arrest. The new law goes into effect on July 10. NORML had the following to say in their article on the topic:

According to a countywide analysis by CBS, misdemeanor marijuana arrests accounted for 10 percent of all cases filed in the Miami-Dade criminal court system between the years 2010 and 2014. While African Americans comprise just 20 percent of the county’s population, they comprised over half of all of those arrested for marijuana possession offenses.

Senior county officials have not yet provided details in regard to how police will implement the new law or what criteria they will use to determine whether to issue a citation or make an arrest.

Several metropolitan areas, such as Milwaukee and Philadelphia, have previously decriminalized marijuana possession offenses citywide.

I hope that the implementation of this new law goes smooth, and that other parts of Florida follow suit. Marijuana decriminalization is not as good as full legalization, but it’s absolutely a step in the right direction. Marijuana decriminalization saves money, frees up law enforcement, and allows people to move on with their lives instead of having their lives ruined by becoming a criminal. I tip my hat to the Miami-Dade County Commissioners, good job!


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  1. The liability issue of truck drivers and hell, floor moppers, is already well taken care of by the requirement that the insurance companies have made nearly mandatory in every job everywhere. That is the requirement that every new hire take a drug test.

  2. Rich Wilkinson on

    You obviously know very little about marijuana and it’s history. BTW I didn’t work in miami dade – liberty city , I lived here for the past ohh, 30 years. Please stfu about what you think you know.

  3. Rich Wilkinson on

    Did you know miami dade police has a task force bigger than their gang and violent crimes unit just to find grow houses? Not to mention miami dade having a pretty high violent crime rate. And your concerned about hiring a pot head? Yea you’re a jack ass.

  4. ArnoldZiffell on

    Thanks for responding, You probably know little about the history of Dade County you should read its history, I didn’t say all the other drugs you listed were not very dangerous they are and pose a real risk to every community in FL. The legislature – law enforcement as well as some doctors have worked to reduce demand, I have worked in Dade County -Liberty City, I don’t watch Fox News – The Dade County Commission can’t reduce the collateral crime problem or damage that could result by giving ticket to drug users it will not work, I also don’t want us to become Kansas far to much meth their. Apparently you do not see any liability for an employer who hires any drug abuser I do.

  5. Rich Wilkinson on

    And if it weren’t for dade county this 3rd world country florida would be kansas. Dade county attracts more tourism worldwide than any other shit county in this state. Racist fuck.

  6. Rich Wilkinson on

    Stfu u faggot. Weed is the least we need to worry about. How about coke, oxy, heroin. Just oxy alone is responsible for more deaths than there are murders and that drug is FDA APPROVED. We do have a problem in the U.S. and it’s terrible media that brainwashe’s simple minded fucks like u to think that weed is dangerous. Go watch fox news u little dicked conservative.

  7. can’t wait they just got make it like that in floridas 2nd biggest county , Hillsborough county in Tampa area because I don’t want to start doing 4 hours down south all the time

  8. AntiIgnorant on

    Florida’s biggest issue is pharmaceutical drug (opiate) abuse. Those pills actually kill people. Cannabis is safer than alcohol. Cannabis should be totally legal.

  9. David Sarti on

    Quotation: “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” ( Thomas Jefferson )

  10. The US must be a third world country, to have so many Taliban supporters angry that some people are free that they don’t like. Cannabis is freedom.

  11. ArnoldZiffell on

    Dade County is NOT Florida, it is a third World Country, So if 75% of those arrested are Black the answer is to make it a non- criminal offense? Think of the employers who may higher a drug user, the liability it poses for them, a heavy equipment operator, truck driver or a EMT. The Commission was going after Black voters. We have a very serious substance abuse problem in this county but we just don’t want to deal with the issue.

  12. Charles Braga on

    Big step Miami-Dade County. Let’s get the rest of Florida on board. I’d like to visit my grand children without fear of arrest for medicating as prescribed by my doctor.

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