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Miami-Dade Police Department Helps Draft Marijuana Decriminalization Proposal

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More and more municipalities are decriminalizing marijuana possession. It’s a logic move since arresting people for marijuana possession is a enormous waste of tax payer dollars. In Philadelphia, were marijuana was decriminalized last year, the city has saved over one million dollars already. It is estimated that a marijuana arrest costs well over 1,000 dollars. However, writing someone a citation only costs twenty dollars in resources. In a perfect world, no one would receive any ticket or penalty at all, but marijuana decriminalization is a good step in the right direction.

The Miami-Dade Police Department wants to decriminalize marijuana possession. Usually such an effort is led by activists, and opposed by law enforcement to the bitter end. But in this rare instance, the Miami-Dade Police Department actually helped draft the proposal. Per the Miami Herald:

Possessing misdemeanor amounts of marijuana in Miami-Dade County could bring a $100 fine instead of a criminal charge under a new proposal backed by police brass.

If adopted by the commission and not vetoed by Mayor Carlos Gimenez, the new ordinance would let officers issue a civil citation to someone carrying less than 20 grams of marijuana, about two-thirds of an ounce. That’s about how much would fit in a sandwich bag — or enough to produce about three dozen joints — and the amount that determines a misdemeanor.

“We helped draft and support this effort as a discretionary option for misdemeanor marijuana,” said Juan Perez, deputy director of the Miami-Dade Police Department. “This gives the option to go with a citation for those individuals that may have no record, or only a minor criminal history, [and]stay out of the criminal justice system.”

No one should have their life ruined because they are possessing a personal amount of a plant that is safer than alcohol and tobacco. This is a very sensible move by the Miami-Dade PD, and I hope that other law enforcement agencies push for this type of policy throughout America. Cops signed up for the job because they wanted to catch real criminals. Marijuana consumers are not real criminals, and cops should welcome the reduction in marijuana enforcement workload so that they can focus on fighting real crime.


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  1. Social Conservative on

    Someday Kansas administrators will realize they are on the wrong side of history.

  2. You wait. They will be plenty smart enough to kill people who don’t pay the tax.

    Every tax, every regulation comes with it an army of bureaucrats and behind that an army (with guns) of enforcers.

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

  3. Big pharma wants you on the pills very sad that this is not the land of the free

  4. 58 percent voted to pass the law what is the issue with Florida ??? Idiots we got moonshine legalized in Tn no problem face it Monet went in pockets in Florida and 58 percent will pass next time because the people that didn’t vote will !!! Omg the penis state !

  5. Meanwhile in Kansas, Shona Banda has just been charged with five criminal counts, including possession with intent to distribute and unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and endangering a child.

  6. Don’t think this is out of “compassion” or something like that. They know the direction is going towards legalization, and they are doing this to save money, and that’s it. It’s all about the money here folks.

  7. Aside from the special interest from the Florida Sheriffs Association, law enforcement has been part of the marijuana reform movement. You can do a search for Marijuana arrest all over the US, and the Sheriffs in every state are the arresting agency. They are the last hold out of Prohibition. One small Florida County took in over 300 million in the Federal Asset Seizure program. When you look at the Federal case, they were luring investors into entrapment cases. Although Federal Asset Seizure has been partially cut, the State of Florida has a State Asset Seizure program. They are still arresting people, seizing their property, and auctioning it off before the people ever go to trial They don’t even get an apology if they are found not guilty. They don’t get their property back. That is still going on today.Even in California the toughest opposition was and probably still is the Prison Workers Union. The FSA covers those workers in Florida too, a state with a lot of corporate prisons.

    Aside from these special interest groups, no one joins the police force to harass people for smoking marijuana. This is a huge waste of limited law enforcement resources. Can’t be two places at the same time. It had to drive a cop nuts to think he was busy dealing with a prohibition offense while a real crime was taking place a few blocks away. Something could have been done. The majority of Americans wants an end to prohibition of marijuana.

  8. Big deal. They are still too stupid to collect the sales tax legalization would generate. Idiots.

  9. Scott Rellim on

    I could take a tour of Canton, Ohio tomorrow and purchase 500 bottles of 151the Rum. This poison would be enough to kill 500-1,000 people, but it’s all within the law. No amount of Cannabis, an herb that’s impossible to fatally OD on, should be illegal.

  10. I think most cops would prefer not to have to deal with bullshit like cannabis, seat belts, tall grass, ect. Unless they are just someone who became a cop to get back at all the people they didn’t like in High School. I know some of the outrageous scummy shit cops do is on orders from city councils. In Hannahan, SC the local cops are going door to door giving out tickets for tall grass. The department has been ordered to do it by city council as a fundraising bonanza. If you go by traditional Anglo-Saxon law the people who put someone up to do a bad deed are even more responsible than they person who actually did the deed. When all anger is focused on the police, corrupt politicians who put them up to it escape blame.

  11. I used to live in Columbus, Ohio. I can tell you that all the way back in the 90s, Columbus police would just take your marijuana and throw it on the ground and scrap their shoe on it. They stopped arresting people because they would have gone bankrupt. In the suburbs, sometimes the suburban police would do the same thing. The people who got slammed were the people in all the rural counties surrounding the Columbus metro area. Out there the police and courts lacked any serious crime so they were throwing the book at people. You would get arrested, a big fine, and sentenced to a weekend in the county jail. Since then Ohio passed decrim. Now the Columbus PD gives out tickets for it. So in Columbus, you actually get in more trouble now than you did back in the 90s!

  12. Awesome! Way to go Miami!!! I hope ALL police departments in the U.S. Follow their lead! Cannabis is an amazing plant. Legalize it and end the “war” against it.
    There are many who use it, and many more who will if it is legalized.
    Stop the “politics” and big pharma from capitalizing on other people’s suffering!
    Don’t “reschedule” or “decriminalize”……… LEGALIZE!!!
    For one day, YOU may need it too!

  13. The Other LA on

    A police department wants to decriminalize weed? Am I reading “The Onion?” All kidding aside, I’m pleased. The other police departments can take a lesson.

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