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Michael Phelps Marijuana Strain Review


Michael Phelps Medical Marijuana Strain

This is a strain review from freeculturemag.com. I’m a huge Phelps fan, so I need to get my hands on some of this:

This is an indica strain with a great earthy, pine-like aroma. Michael Phelps offers you a full-flavored smoke with a nice aftertaste. The buds appear to be dried rather than cured and are similar in taste to the Michael Phelps OG and Mercury OG strains. This strain, from our friends at Long Beach Patients Group in Long Beach, sports dense, hard buds that are packed with trichomes. Upon close observation, dark kelly-green buds with interesting formations are visible. This is a heavy potency strain that packs a quick hit. It’s also a smooth smoke, but with a definite head rush; you’ll want to be chillin‘ at home with this one. Michael Phelps can be used to treat the symptoms of arthritis, migraines, colitis, insomnia, PMS and chronic pain.

THC% 25.4

CBD% 0.40


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Johnny Green


  1. Recently got sum Michael Phelps frum an access point, i.e. dispensary, & it di’n’t seem all that ta me @1st till I got in2 it. Mine wuzn’t dry @all, cured ta perfection & very stiky. Did hav that earthy-pine smell 2 her, but also a kind of a stemy flower. Has a light-dark green color w/frosted tiny white hairz showin, short-thin-light brown hairz lightly revealin themselvez in small bunchez & trichomes poppin. Tha smell & look bringz bak memoriez of a Permafrost I got once, which iz White Widow crossed w/Train Wreck. So it woodn’t astound me if that wuz involved in tha geneticz of MP. ||)

  2. Dude, had some Cinderella 99 and G-13 recently. They still exist, but they are not the best I’ve ever had. And are you saying there’s no stickiness in the Michael Phelps strain?

  3. Austin Helmut on

    Just found my first batch of Michael Phelps from a local medi grower and, ironicly, it almost perfectly matches the description above. I was hesitant when I saw it, because of the overly-dry appearance. The buds look great; dense and fully flowered/cured. They, however, dont particularly stand out astheticly. The proof, my friends, is in the smoke. Im a very frequent, daily smoker. This shit however put me into submition, as if my couch were Randy fuckin’ Savage… Find it, buy it, smoke it. This is now one of my favorite strains of all time, right up there with old C99 and G-13 in ledgendary status. Only difference? Michael Phelps cannabis still exists.

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