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Michigan AG Looks To Dismantle Voter Approved Medical Marijuana Program


Bill Schuette MichiganBy Steve Elliott of Toke of the Town

Michigan’s attorney general has been busily trying to dismantle the state’s medical marijuana law ever since it was passed by voters. Attorney General Bill Schuette announced legislative proposals on Wednesday targeting patients he claims are “exploiting” the law.

Schuette is not a fan of the law, passed by an overwhelming 63 percent of Michigan voters in 2008. In the sort of political gymnastics also favored by Republican attorneys general in other states (examples: Rob McKenna of Washington state and Tom Horne of Arizona), Schuette claims to be a “states’ rights conservative” — unless the “state’s right” we’re talking about is a medical marijuana law.

In that case, the rules are different, and in Schuette’s mind, it’s open season on medical marijuana patients, because, in a brief he filed back in June in support of the City of Livonia — which is trying to ban medical marijuana use and sales — the attorney general claims the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act is preempted by federal law.

Oddly, Michigan law somehow trumps federal law with Schuette if it’s affirmative action we’re talking about. Apparently different rules apply when it comes to protecting the privileges of white people (after all, he is a Republican), as pointed out by Christine at Blogging for Michigan.

Schuette, of course, claims his proposed crackdown on, and evisceration of, Michigan’s medical marijuana law is to target “criminals who take advantage of the law.”

The attorney general announced his nefarious plans at an 11 a.m. news conference Wednesday in Lansing.

“The law has been hijacked by pot profiteers who threaten public safety on the roads and in our communities,” Schuette said, giving a free, handy demonstration of “how to ignore a majority of the voters.”

At the announcement to unveil the legislative proposals targeting patients, Schuette was joined by an assemblage of assholes including Senator Rick Jones (R-Grand Lodge), Representative John Walsh (R-Livonia), Dr. Steven E. Newman of the Michigan State Medical Society, Lt. Col. Gary Gorski of the Michigan State Police, Cass County Prosecutor Victor Fitz, Saginaw County Prosecutor Michael Thomas, Eaton County Sheriff Mike Raines, Clinton County Sheriff Wayne Kangas, and Berrien Springs Oronoko Township Police Chief Milton Agay.

Toke of the Town was unable to confirm a breaking rumor at press time that the group had decided to call itself the “Low-IQ All-Stars.”

Marijuana Patient CopSchuette tried to paint marijuana as causing a vast number of highway traffic accidents in Michigan, citing some bogus statistics from (surprise!) the Michigan State Police (obviously protecting their job security, not the public) which supposedly show the “marijuana-related fatalities remain the most common drug-related automobile fatality, and that such fatalities are on the rise in Michigan.”

“Driving with marijuana in your system is unsafe and jeopardizes the safety of our roadways,” Schuette said. “If you take drugs, don’t take the wheel.”

Schuette also proposed “legislative reforms” (read: gutting the law) to give prosecutors and law enforcement “the tools they need to crack down on criminals who exploit the loopholes of the MMMA.” (Translation: “Please make it easier for us to bust and harass legitimate patients and providers.”)

The pot-crazed attorney general proposed the creation of new crimes to crack down on the medical marijuana certification system:

– Make it a felony for physicians to knowingly falsely certify a debilitating medical condition for patients seeking to use medical marijuana

– Make it a felony to knowingly submit false information on an application for a patient or caregiver card

– Make it a felony to knowingly alter a patient or caregiver card

– Make it a felony to knowingly possess another person’s card or to transfer or allow a person to use another person’s card

– Prohibit felons from being caregivers (currently only those convicted of drug-related felonies are prohibited); and

– Make it a misdemeanor for a patient or caregiver to fail to report a lost or stolen card within seven days.

In addition, Schuette proposed legislation to address what he claimed were “several loopholes” in the law, including measures to “strengthen the hand of law enforcement” (WTF?) “limit criminal access to medical marijuana,” and empower local communities to regulate (translate: ban) medical marijuana facilities.

Schuette said he expects the bills to be introduced and considered by the Legislature this fall.

Article From Toke of the Town and republished with special permission.


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  1. In CO the lawmakers (doctors now) are trying to make it very hard for patients to get their medicine because of petitions of ignorant people who believe they should be the ones telling people how to medicate. I live in Little Russia, CO and my caregiver has been kicked out so I have to drive over 20 miles to get my medicine. Now that town wants to petition them out. At least my new caregiver won’t be part of the vote as they are out of city limits but lawmakers want caregivers to do patients laundry, cook for them, clean for them etc. And they want to make it so a caregiver can only have 5 patients…how can they pay rent on building with 5 patients? They can’t.
    This was voted in over 10 yrs ago but when they started setting up shop, ignorance reared it’s ugly head.
    So will people of northern CO have to drive over a 100 miles to Boulder or Denver area to buy their medicine? Would a person on vicodin or blood pressure meds or oxygen or diabetes meds want to drive over 100 miles to get their big pharma killer drugs? No.

  2. this is my point of view,i have been on pain killers for over ten years.in all that time it has always take a little bit more to kill the pain but after a wile it,s take more powerful drugs,or whine your self down,actually putting your self through detox which. if you have had to do that it is no joy ride.that,s because its addictive and the drug people know it keeps them hooked on their .i say let people chose there one drugs for pain that’s natural ,keeping there hands in your pockets from man made drugs. wrong. i can get the same effect for my pain by eating pot that cost very little in comparison i am glad god has provided pain meds naturally. yours truly Doctor Feelgood :) pro weed :) :) :)

  3. In 1974 the first tumor study was done at the University of West Virginia medical school. They found that THC killed tumor cells. Instead of publishing the results in all of our major newspapers, our government continues to this day to tell us that smoking marijuana will cause cancer. The FDA and DEA quickly shut down all research and took the marijuana from them that they were using for their study. In the US we are required by federal law to study marijuana as a substance of abuse rather than as a medicine to receive government funding. The official reason they gave was that they didn’t want to send the wrong message to kids. After nearly a thirty year delay a researcher in Spain made a similar discovery and currently there are over thirty well designed studies suggesting antitumor effects for a variety of cancers in petri dish studies, animal and some beginning human studies (Google marijuana or cannabis and cancer or better still search on a university database that contains peer reviewed journals from outside our country). It appears more so every day, that the federal government has protected us from a cure for at least some forms of cancer. They continue to protect us by removing references of antitumor effects of cannabis from the National Cancer Institute website as they did earlier in the summer. If you have lost a loved one in the last forty years to cancer, send a thank you letter to our federal government and President Obama for their thoughtful assistance. We, the people, need to make sure that the federal government NEVER again has any more than an advisory role regarding anything that a citizen wishes to put in their own body. IT IS NOT THEIR BUSINESS. The help and advice of the federal government is far worse than what they protect us from. Their motivations are of greed and racial prejudice and their actions are evil. I like the photo that the author used of Bill Schuette that silouettes him in flames. Perhaps a view from a different angle would make the horns that protrude from his forehead a little more apparent. I hope that our children learn to be far more vigilant and even more distrustful of the actions of our federal government and people like Bill Schuette than was our generation. Start asking people like Bill Schuette if they would feel different if cannabis was found to cure cancer and make everyone aware of what you find.

  4. I actually just got my medical marijuana card. I live in Arizona, and I have wasting syndrome (I have to use the marijuana to stimulate my appetite and relieve nausea, because I’m borderline anorexia nervosa as a 5’6″ 100lb male). Seeing government officials go against the will of the people like this really shows me how corrupt the government is. Let me tell you this: the kids growing up these days have access to unlimited information right from birth. This kind of bullcrap may work on our generation, but these kids are going to be smart and well informed. You’re going to have a hell of a civil war if you think you can deny these kids their civil rights.

  5. ConservativeChristian on
  6. ConservativeChristian on

    So is Mr. Schuette really about the safety and well-being of Michigan’s citizens, or is he just protecting his campaign finance buddies?

    Spread the word about his campaign finances.

  7. ConservativeChristian on

    Campaign contributions to Michigan Attorney General Schuette: $20,000 from MI BEER & WINE WHSLRS ASSN PAC
    MI 48933-0000 09/29/10 (fourth-largest contributor for that reporting period) http://miboecfr.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/cfr/contrib_anls_res.cgi?doc_seq_no%3D335297%26doc_stmnt_year%3D2010%26com_id%3D514381%26doc_date_proc%3D10/22/2010%26sched%3D*%26doc_type_code%3DG1%26caller%3Dcf_online

    And another $3,400 from a beer distribution company on his 10/22/2010 report at http://miboecfr.nictusa.com/cfr/idr/334946.html

    And another $2,900 from a beer distribution company on his 10/22/2010 report at http://miboecfr.nictusa.com/cfr/idr/335329.html

    And another $2,000 from a beer distributor on his 10/27/2010 report at http://miboecfr.nictusa.com/cfr/idr/336423.html

    So that’s a total of more than $28,000 from beer and wine distributors reported on just those three reporting dates, right before the 2010 elections

    And $250 from a prosecuting attorney in Harrison, MI on his 10/21/2010 report at http://miboecfr.nictusa.com/cfr/idr/334595.html

    And $7,375 from numerous attorneys across Michigan on his 10/20/2010 report, including a handful of attorney’s who work with the Attorney General’s office at http://miboecfr.nictusa.com/cfr/idr/334340.html

  8. Clarification–Limit Michigan registration fees to Michigan’s cost to administer the program. Only require Physician re-certification if condition is temporary—chronic conditions would not require. Registrations should be a minimum of 3 years if chronic condition.

  9. The following or something similar needs to be circulated and possible action to recall the AG for deriliction of his constitutional duty to protect the citizens of Michigan.
    Or better, new consttutional referendum to clarify the MMMA including the right to set up dispensaries and/or, co-ops, limit fees to costs to administer the Act, number of plants allowed does not include seedlings(plants under 6-8″), caregiver names replaced with ID number on Patient cards (for security of grow location), Prohibit registration of grow locations (for security of grow location), allow outdoor grow locations if fenced in, allow patient to patient transfers, caregiver to caregiver transfers, co-op grow locations(without separate locked rooms), specify that both patient and caregiver can be in posession of allowed amount, Social Service can-not remove children or benifits just because a parent is a patient or caregiver, increase growers allowed amount to 2.5 onces plus 2 ounces of processed product per allowed plant in place of each allowed plant. (example: per patient12 ounces plus 6 plants or 0 addititional ounces if 12 plants) Cities cannot zone or restrict caregivers or patients from growing in their homes or in commercial districts..—-plus -any any other clarifications needed.
    So who is Michigan’s AG working for? His job description is to defend Michigan’s citizens * NOT the Cartel’s, terrorists, Big pharma and/or keeping our prisons full with innocuous citizens who use alternative medicine in compliance with the will of the people as passed by this constitutional referendum.
    He should be bringing action against the Federal Government defending Michigan’s citizens “States Rights” as guaranteed Under our US Constitutions Bill of Rights Tenth Amendment rather than trying to dismantle the MMMA

    Although Michigan Medical Marijuana Act does need clarification as it was poorly written the people’s intent was clear. The people of Michigan intended that Medical Marijuana would be easily and safely attainable by patients
    The current AG opinion and proposals are a direct assault on the intent of the 63% of voters who passed the MMMA. What are the AG’s and the legislature’s goal? Despite their rhetoric to not, intent is clearly to nullify the Medical Marijuana Act. Why?

    I have always found, that if you “follow the money”, you will generally find your answers.
    So who would benefit if we revert back to the prior status of Medical Marijuana?
    Let’s follow the money—
    1. Big Pharmaceutical
    2. Mexican Drug Cartels
    3. Afghanistan’s Drug Cartels who fund- Al-Qaida, Taliban and other terrorist groups
    4. Columbian Drug Cartels
    5. Illegal Hard Drug dealers, (reinstate feeder system to lure users to far more dangerous and profitable drugs.
    6. Police agencies, Forfeiture revenue
    7. Attorney’s
    8. Arms manufacturers—guns going across the border
    9. Judicial system, fees, fines, easy way to pad their felony conviction numbers for future elections
    10. Correction System, keeping our prisons full
    11. Government court ordered counseling services
    Who losses,
    1. Michigan’s Medical Marijuana 300,000+ expected Patients (based on other states), lack of safe cheaper alternatives to treatment
    2. Michigan Medical researchers–Unable research Marijuana for new safer treatments
    3. Michigan’s Medical Marijuana 60,000+ expected caregivers, loss of new jobs in Michigan
    4. Michigan Taxpayers—Loss of tax revenue from registrations, Michigan caregivers and grower supply stores
    5. Michigan education—loss of sales tax revenue
    6. Michigan citizens safety, as Police and courts will expend scarce resources to control Medical Marijuana use, instead of directing their resources against real threats to the safety and welfare of Michigan citizens– acts of violence, burglary and fraud including internet fraud and ID theft.
    7. The victims and families of the border drug war casualties
    8. Safety of our defenders of Freedom—-as Al-Qaida, Taliban and other terrorist groups funding would be restored,
    9. Michigan’s economy
    10. Michigan’s Constitution
    11. The Michigan’s citizens right to override the Legislature when they fail to represent the will of the people.

    * Michigan Compiled Laws sec 14.28 Representation of state….”when in his own judgment the interests of the state require it, intervene in and appear “for the people” of this state in any other court or tribunal, in any cause or matter, civil or criminal, in which the people of this state may be a party or interested”

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