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Michigan Attorney General Needs To Respect Medical Marijuana Patients


Michigan Medical CannabisBy Dan Riffle

Back in 2008, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette led the opposition to Michigan’s medical marijuana law. He failed miserably. The initiative received 63% of the vote, and a majority in every county. Now, after failing at the ballot, Schuette is using his post as attorney general to undermine the law any way he can – including trying to get it overturned in court, claiming it is preempted by federal law.

On Tuesday, Schuette issued an official opinion riddled with absurd interpretations of the law, such as that caregivers with multiple patients must keep each patient’s plants in a separate enclosed, locked facility.

Now Schuette is partnering with hostile legislators on measures to compromise patients’ privacy, severely restrict when and where patients could cultivate, and taking away the legal rights of patients to challenge overly restrictive ordinances. You can read the bills that have been introduced on our Michigan legislation page.

Please email me if you are a patient with a serious illness who might be interested in speaking out. Thanks, and we’ll keep you posted on opportunities to take action against these radical bills. In the meantime, make sure your friends and family are aware of Schuette’s shameless tactics.

Dan Riffle
Legislative Analyst
Marijuana Policy Project


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  1. Medical marijuana patients need to be respected across the country, regardless of state or the personal opinion of the officer in question. Unfortunately, with such a stigma surrounding cannabis (even though we’re moving in the right direction) there are just so many officials who don’t treat MMJ patients with the respect they deserve.

    There is no reason anyone should be revoked of some of the rights they are trying to sweep away from people here. It’s outrageous, really!

    Hopefully the future changes things.

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