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Michigan In The Top Five Medical Marijuana States


safer michigan marijuanaA new graphic from the Marijuana Business Daily illustrates the nation’s top five medical marijuana states, as measured by public participation.

Created by Jennifer Mann, the graph compares states based on the number of people enrolled per one thousand residents of the state. Colorado leads all states in terms of public participation with 22.3 patients per 1,000 residents.

California, the nation’s oldest medical marijuana program, ranks second with  19.30, followed by Oregon (17.9) and Washington State (16.5). Michigan ranked fifth with 12.3 medical marijuana patients per 1,000 residents.

The US has 23 states with medical marijuana programs, not all of which are in effect yet. The Marijuana Business Daily chart considered only those states with medical marijuana programs in operation for more than one year. The national average for participation in all states qualifying for the chart was 10 patients per 1,000 residents.

The participation level in the Great Lakes State may be lower than anticipated, considering the maturity of the program and the size of the state. Michigan’s medical marijuana program was instituted via public vote in 2008 and the state is 9th in population nationally.


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  1. Thats the truth…..Schuette is an example of the frightened conservative religious boomers. They are out of touch with the modern world. Luckily they are heading for their graves in vast numbers.

  2. lol California’s is much more than that. There is no way to measure the amount of people who get recs and every huge stoner here generally gets a rec at some point. There are much more collectives too than Colorado, just go to weedmaps and look.

  3. Michigan’s stats would be a lot higher without Bill Schuette’s interference and the suppression and closing of dispensaries, and the appeals court’s decision to misinterpret the MMMA. Where is Michigans lame duck?

  4. Michigan represent! 517 here, who else wants to see Michigan legalize in 2016? If anyone else is in the area, let’s meet up and get the word out!

  5. Neat? I am not quite sure why this is news or what was supposed to be gained from this piece. The numbers are interesting.

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