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Michigan Legislature To Consider Bills To Legalize Marijuana


michigan capital marijuanaI received the following message and felt the need to pass it along for those TWB readers that are in Michigan:

Dear Johnny:

MPP believes legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana for adults 21 and older just makes sense, and so does Rep. Jeff Irwin. He is now in the process of introducing a bill that would end marijuana prohibition in Michigan and treat marijuana similarly to alcohol. Rep. Irwin is now seeking representatives to co-sponsor this historic bill, and you can help.

Please take just a few moments to send a message to your representative to ask that he or she sign on as co-sponsor to this bill, which we believe is the first of its kind in the Great Lakes State.

Voters in Colorado support marijuana legalization more today than when their law was passed in 2012. Both national and Michigan polls regularly find majority support for this better approach.

In addition to Rep. Irwin’s legislation, three organizations have either begun gathering signatures for a legalization ballot initiative for the 2016 election or announced possible interest in doing so. For more information on the different efforts, take a look here. Whether through the legislative process or a voter initiative, legalization is the future of marijuana in Michigan.

Please ask your representative to support this important bill, take a look at the initiative campaigns, and then pass this message to friends, family, and supporters in Michigan!


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