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Michigan Marijuana Legalization Campaign Announces Third Town Hall Meeting


michigan marijuana legalization milegalizeThe state’s leading organization advocating for a petition drive to legalize adult use of  marijuana in Michigan is having their third Town Hall meeting.

The Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Initiative, commonly known as MILegalize, will bring their message to the state’s conservative west side on June 19. Grand Valley State’s beautiful Eberhard Center, located in downtown Grand Rapids, will serve as the venue.

This will be the third Town Hall the MILegalize group has conducted in Michigan. The first was in Flint, and the second in Detroit.

The Town Halls are interactive sessions where attendees can ask questions of the MILegalize Board members, donate money to the campaign or volunteer their services for signature collecting and other campaign-related actions.

“Getting to know people, and talking with them one-on-one, is so important,” said Josey Scoggin, a Board member of the MILegalize group. Scoggin helped organize both of the first two Town Hall meetings and will be part of the panel fielding questions in Grand Rapids on the 19th.

“People want to know that they support a group that understands what they want, that knows how they feel, and that will not let them down in the end,” she added. “We are that group.”

Although other efforts to legalize marijuana in Michigan have been discussed, none have conducted open meetings like the Town Halls nor have the other campaigns publicly disclosed the identities of their leadership.

“We are out in the open,” said MILegalize Chair Jeffrey Hank, an attorney from Lansing, “and people respect that.” Hank praised the group’s large base of supporters and steadfast advocates as proof of a strong infrastructure.

More information regarding the MIlegalize campaign, the ballot proposal and the Board members is available on the organization’s website:


The Town Hall begins at 6pm. Doors open at 5:30. The Center is located at 301 Fulton W, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Editor’s note: the author, Rick Thompson, is also a Board member of the MILegalize campaign

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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    Or will your loved one be the next to fall prey to alcohol, tobacco, prescription opiates, or phony marijuana, because the far safer alternative of real marijuana isn’t available or affordable?

  2. LEGALIZE. WILL YOUR KID BE NEXT TO GO TO PRISON OVER A PLANT! The incarceration model has already ruined more lives and broken more families than legal cannabis will ever cause.

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