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Michigan Medical Marijuana Program Under Attack


Two bad bills in Michigan

Email your elected officials now!

Michigan voters made it clear that they support medical marijuana when they overwhelmingly passed the 2008 initiative that was spearheaded by MPP’s campaign committee. But since then, legislators in Lansing have proposed several bills that would undermine that law. Two recently introduced bills stand out as examples.

A keystone of the Michigan medical marijuana law is patient privacy, but last week Senator Darwin Booher introduced SB 377, which would require the names of cardholders to be sent to the Department of State Police and delete privacy protections. The law already allows police to verify patients’ ID cards, so this bill needlessly jeopardizes privacy and treats them like criminal suspects.

Equally outrageously, yesterday Representative George Darany introduced HB 4661, which would make it a felony to cultivate marijuana within 500 feet of a school, daycare center, or church. Rep. Darany says his intent is to prohibit “marijuana clinics” from being located next to these establishments, but as written, the bill would apply to patients or their caregivers, even if they are growing in their own homes!

Please send your legislators an email reminding them Michigan voters have spoken, and patients and their caregivers are not criminals. It’ll take you less than a minute.


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  1. We have been certifying patients for over 2 years. Our Doctor has 32 years experience and requires authentic records to certify a patient. We are a professional medical office and will be happy to serve you. We are in Jackson Michigan at 220 W Franklin St. Our businsess is the Michigan Medical Clinic PLLC and you can contace us at 517 783 6000.
    Thank You

  2. The Green-Market //www.greenmarketmi.com/ helping qualified patients find Responsible Caregivers. If you are a qualified patient or looking to find out if your element qualifies you to become a patient. (989)954-4534 Ask for John or Andy

  3. There is a problem with Dr’s prescribing medical marijuana too easily. It is a drug. You can’t currently call your Dr and receive a strong narcotic with having an appointment and at least being assessed for your pain before receiving the drug. There are Dr’s in Michigan that are trying to create a huge cash cow out of Medical Marijuana and give you a certification with no exam – $50 bucks here’s your certification. No contact no follow up no assessment. This is Medically irresponsible! Please be sure that the Doctor you find in Michigan determines your need, examines you. Don’t put yourself at risk. If the law comes down on doctors who do less than this – they will nullify the certification that you receive and possibly red flag you as a user and pull you into the investigation. Beware of the salesman like approach from a Doctor. “Hi! I’m Doctor Bob..give me $100 bucks and I ‘ll give you your cert.” This is not a used car your buying. Take care of who you share your health information with.

  4. The physicians are part of the problem, and they would rather just make as much money as possible off of the patients who need help the most. Especially those who are suffering financially due to these troubled times. One physician in Michigan is really screwing it up with his lack of knowledge and horrible “bedside manner” at his little hotel room marijuana screenings. I actually heard this guy was meeting kids at McDonald’s to get them their medical marijuana cards. His name is Dr. Patrick R. Robinson. This kid is fresh out of med school and doesn’t know dirt about marijuana. He’s a prime example of what we don’t need in this industry. I’m sure all of his friends at the hospitals he holds credentials at would love to hear about how awful his medical status has been lowered. I am a caregiver, and when I am helping people in need what I don’t want to hear from a new patient is how this doctor could really not care less about them. Greed will get you and your “McDonalds Medical Marijuana Visits” throughout Michigan. We’re not going to stand for it, so take your cotton-picking ass back to Texas!

  5. I don’t understand why poloticians feel the need to touch the current law. We voted for this. Leave it alone. I can understand if they don’t want a “herbal remedy” next to a school but if i happen to live near one now I can’t grow my own? That is ridiculous. I agree with the other comment about the church. What does a church have to do with anything? I am really getting fed up with the Government trying to interfere. We don’t want you in our homes, it’s that simple. Police have no right whatsoever to know if I’m a patient. This is simply a ploy to get them a list of patients so they can intimidate us and get us to give up.

  6. Johnny Appleweed on

    Besides, any ‘Marijuana Clinics’ that are open are VERY strict about who is even allowed inside the place and are treated as legitimate businesses, what business owner is going to put himself, his business, and his financial future at stake allowing unauthorized access to their legal facility? None. If they wanted to do that, they would just sell pot the old fashioned way. Besides a stationary building is a lot easier to make a bust on than a moving individual. This is completely ridiculous.

  7. Johnny Appleweed on

    Steve Johns- Are you kidding me? How does my medical necessity have any impact WHATSOEVER on any of these establishments? If I lived near a school and wanted to grow my own medication I should be at risk of becoming a felon? What does a church have anything to do with this? Why is religion getting special treatment if there is a separation of church and state?

    This is simply an attempt to rabble-rouse fear toward marijuana under the guise of ‘protecting the children’.


  8. Dude really the second bill isn’t that bad, in fact I’d even support that, if there was a clause that said if its not visible then you can’t be arrested… aka indoor grow for homeowners within 500 feet. Honestly you don’t even have to grow it so your bitching about the second bill makes no sense. You should be happy they at least passes the bill to legalized it for medical use unlike over 30 other states.

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