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Michigan Panel Gives Thumbs Down For Marijuana And Autism, Asthma


fist michigan medical marijuana asthma autismPanel preliminarily approves PTSD but not insomnia; both are up for a second hearing

LANSING- The panel of mostly doctors that governs the addition of new conditions to the list of ailments qualifying one for medical marijuana use in Michigan has denied petitions to add autism and asthma to the list.

Three additional petitions were heard- two asking to add Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and one to add insomnia to that conditions list.  By a 7-2 vote, PTSD was given a preliminary recommendation for inclusion on the list but will have a second hearing to take more input from citizens and medical specialists. Insomnia was not recommended but the panel did agree to hear more testimony.

The panel springs from controversy regarding it’s creation- and the demise of the previous panel.

Despite months of wrangling and arranging, the first panel that debated new conditions recommended the addition of Parkinson’s Disease and PTSD. Gov. Snyder appointed Steve Arwood as Director of the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) earlier this year and one of his first actions was to abolish the panel , citing improper construction.

The panel is required by law to contain certain components, including seven members of the 18-member panel call the Pain and Symptom Management Committee.  The panel previously did not contain the correct mixture of professionals and this new panel suffers from the same disease. Seven members of the Committee are required but only six have been impaneled.  LARA spokespersons have assured the public that this deficit will not impede the progress of the Panel.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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  1. ”…deficit will not impede the progress of the Panel”
    Panel? Not allowing certain humans to treat certain illnesses? Sounds like they picked the perfect “panel” to deny more sick people the safest substance on earth. MI just needs to legalize and stop the bullshit.

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