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Michigan Patients Deserve Access To All Forms Of Marijuana Medicine


medical marijuana michigan medicineMany of Michigan’s medical marijuana patients have conditions that limit their ability to smoke marijuana. Often, doctors prefer that patients avoid smoking entirely. However, a recent decision by the Michigan Court of Appeals leaves patients who use medical marijuana edible products, tinctures, and ointments at risk of being arrested!

Marijuana patients who are too ill to smoke or prefer a different option should not have to live in fear of arrest. Michigan’s law should accommodate this important option – a lifeline for patients in the state. If you are a Michigan resident, please take a moment to tell your state senator and representative that Michigan’s laws need to protect patients who prefer to consume marijuana in edible form.

Please pass this message on to friends, family, and other supporters in Michigan and help spread the word!

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  1. My husband has severely compromised lungs do to side effects of a bone marrow transplant for leukemia. He absolutely can not smoke. Even vaporizing is hard on him. In addition eating things made with canna butter seems to be longer lasting and more effective. This revision is ridiculous!

  2. Doc Deadhead on

    In this case the defendant was saying that only the ‘weight of the THC concentrate’ in the cookies and brownies should be considered when adding up his total weight on hand of ‘useable’ product. I disagree. The total weight of the flower is counted, not just the available THC. The total weight of the brownies and cookies were counted as a ‘mixture’.

    I recommend getting the cannabutter or kief and making your own cookies and brownies at home where there is no fear of transporting over the limit of on hand useable product. I don’t agree with most decisions coming through the courts but this one is easy enough to live with. We will still be able to medicate with edibles just won’t be able to transport a boatload of ’em!

  3. When the heck are they going to legalize dispensaries again? The drive into Flint to the only one in the area I could find still open is very prohibitive.

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