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Michigan Police Are Ignoring Medical Marijuana Law


A trend is growing in the State of Michigan; police are arresting patients, confiscating their property, and turning their lives upside down, despite the fact that the patients are legally registered in the State of Michigan’s medical marijuana program (click here). “Police across the state are either confused or resisting compliance with the medical marijuana law,” said ACLU attorney Dan Korobkin.

When asked about it, Roseville Deputy Chief James Berlin was brutally honest, when he said, “We may spend three weeks investigating, and then bust in and traumatize people, only to find out they’re legal.” WHAT A DICK! Instead of wasting tax payer dollars for three weeks, maybe the police should have just checked with the State, found out there was a medical marijuana patient registered at the address, and simply knocked on the door. Or even better, when the police find out that there is a medical marijuana patient at the house, they can go somewhere else and fight REAL crime!

Police are trying to argue that patients only have their application paperwork, not their actual card. However, the reason why patients are slow to get their cards is due to the fact that the State is dragging its feet on processing them. For example, the City of Lansing is three months behind on applications, according to the Michigan Department of Community Health. But even if the State is dragging their feet, it doesn’t matter. The police should know that “The statute currently allows for a copy of the application submitted to serve as a valid registry identification if the card is not issued within 20 days of its submission to the department. At this time, we are unable to issue valid registry identification cards within the statutory time frame with the resources available to us.” THE REASON THEY SHOULD KNOW THAT, IS BECAUSE IT’S ON THE STATE’S WEBSITE (click here)!!

But the police are unfazed by the ACTUAL LAW, and plan on continuing their personal crusade against medical marijuana. “If they don’t have a card and they’re in possession of marijuana, they’re coming to jail,” Roseville Deputy Chief James Berlin said. “And if they applied for the card, we’ll let the judge decide” if a law was broken. Last time I checked, we lived in America…You know, where we have a things called ‘due process’ and ‘equal protection under the laws.’ People in Michigan need to stand up to this BS, and challenge this at the Michigan State Supreme Court level. I would recommend taking it to the US Supreme Court, but those conservative bastards have already shot down medical marijuana. However, if it is challenged at the state level, not only will the arrested patients win their case, but they will also be able to go after the police in civil court for damages cause by negligent behavior.


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  1. It’s all about the money. The cowboy cops (drug units) are afraid of losing their easy income from hapless pot smokers so they’re not going down without a fight. There are pensions involved after all. It’s not about being police officers any more. The real cops don’t like these guys either, due to the fact that law enforement divisions are budgeted around the numbers of felonies they create. Hence, drug units can cataloge numerous felony arrests while real cops that work in robbery, murder, and serious law enforcement divisions work long arduous hours to bring the culprits to justice. Hey, all you cowboy cops, why don’t you volunteer down on the southern US border, oh that’s right, those guys shoot back, don’t they.

  2. PS Every time a patient is singled out and found in compliance and released unharmed log that as a win especially if they never make the news! Those using the law to exploite the gray areas are hoisted to the top of the news and become fodder for the misguided moralist and rogue police!

  3. Money! It’s ALL about the money! No matter what is right or wrong philosophically! A huge industry has been built to prosecute, Judge, Jail, and reap profitable forfeited assets and cash from prohibition.

    The opposing force is made up of a brave majority of voters finally agreeing that its time to try to live with the idea that people will do what they want with their own bodies, especially when very sick or in pain! There is some money for people producing, distributing, and selling growing supplies, delivery devices, and medical professionals.

    If these folks are greedy and don’t actively defend and support the new laws through contributions and political action the laws will be reversed and financial gain will be short lived, patients will suffer and the huge profits made by the establishment on illegal drugs will continue. Profits paid by taxpayers, may I add!
    The police pay no penalty for harassment or ignoring the laws as long as a tiny bit of ambiguity is left in the law. Legalization supporters use the ambiguity to ease the burden of regulation but the foes use it to maliciously prosecute!

    So don’t be so quick to rejoice in exploiting the grey areas! These are the excuse for harassing you and throwing so many people into courts. Will the profiteers back them or cut and run when their customers and patients need them?

  4. As a med user myself I understand the frustration at the police intrusion and disregard for medical Cannabis Laws in Michigan. There is a clarification to your opinion of the US Supreme Court and support of State’s rights as they pertain to this issue that must be made though. A conservative court is in the interest of our cause as witnessed by the judgement in Raich v Gonzales concerning a patient’s right to grow in her own home in California as it pertains to federal law.

    The liberal Justices supported the intrusion of Federal law in this case while the conservative members wrote the dissenting opinion in support of State’s Rights as they pertain to Medical Cannabis. This excerpt from Justice Clarence Thomas’ dissent sums up the conservative Justices opinion very nicely.

    “”In the early days of the Republic, it would have been unthinkable that Congress could prohibit the local cultivation, possession, and consumption of marijuana.” Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Dissenting Opinion Raich v Gonzales

  5. Time to file suit and put the Pigs in there place: This little Pig went WEEEEEE all the way home.

    That about all I have to say about that!…………….Forrest Gump

  6. What’s jacked is that that’s the way cops operate. When I got “busted” the cops even told me that when I got arrested. The exact quote was “we are just gonna arrest all of you and let the D.A. sort it out.” In the end all the charges got dropped however it ended up costing me a week in jail and $5,000. Now I tell people that despite the laws a police officer can really do anything they want with almost no accountability. Pure bullshit really but it is what it is.

  7. police and elected officials are out of control. there is no rule of law anymore only self indulgent greed. cops are gold diggers and use cannabis use to attack citizens and take what they have in the name of the drug war. we need to call off and fire the DEA and restore freedom to america

  8. That’s whack and so unconstitutional…… I live in Michigan….. Do they cops think they ARE the law? What fools, they have no higher status than us regular civilians, they’re only supposed to ENFORCE the law; shit they’re are full of themselves.

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