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Michigan Voters Support Medical Marijuana, Not Marijuana Legalization


michigan medical marijuanaI was not surprised when a poll was released yesterday by Public Policy Polling which found that an overwhelming majority of poll participants in Michigan support medical marijuana. The poll asked, ‘Do you think marijuana should be legally allowed for medical purposes with the approval of a doctor, or not?’ 70% of participants stated that they supported the question, 25% said that they didn’t support it, and the rest were undecided.

A follow up question was asked, which stated, ‘Do you think marijuana should be legally allowed for recreational use, that stores should be allowed to sell it, and that its sales should be taxed and regulated similarly to alcohol, or not?’ Only 45% of participants supported the question, while 48% said that they did not, leaving 7% undecided. I would have guessed that it would have been the other way around.

There were 7% of participants that were undecided, which with enough education and campaigning, those participants could fall into the ‘yes’ category. And of course, some of the ‘no’ category people could get on the right side of history and support legalization if/when a campaign is in full swing. Polls tend to skew the results in favor of the ‘no’ category because a lot of people don’t want to say they support legalization in public, but deep down they do, and vote ‘yes’ on election day.

Still, I would expect marijuana legalization to be ahead on any poll in Michigan. Michigan is on a lot of people’s radars for the 2016 Election, during which a lot of states are expected to legalize marijuana. People in Michigan have their work cut out for them. Two years is a lot of time to work with, get active!


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  1. Uncle Arthur on

    After what you just told me, you would think that legalization would be the least of your worries. You would think it would be a blessing and a recompense for what you and many others have suffered. I would think after all you have been through, you would have fought extra hard for legalization instead of knocking it as if it was some sort of big pharma conspiracy. Go to Colorado and you will see that your fears are totally unfounded. It’s one thing to question the implementation of a particular legalization regimen, but you questioned legalization itself. It wasn’t legalization that did those terrible things to you. It was prohibition.

  2. I my friend am not a prohabitionist. Do you contribute funds to DPA , I do monthly. I rite now have the rite to grow and carry marijuana.buy from legate places I’m a certified card holder I paid for that rite..look when pharmacy carry we will no longer be free . We have more rites now than ever before I myself have lost a job due to being a smoker I myself have paid court costs so don’t judge me ..just voicing worries. Shit we can’t order pizza with poppy seed crust ..why because government runs poppy fields pizza can fail an oppiate test just from eating the poppy.

  3. Uncel Arthur on

    Kandy, are you oblivious to the crime against humanity called cannabis prohibition? Are you oblivious to the fact that over 3/4 of a million people a year are arrested for cannabis offenses, namely possession? Are you oblivious to the lives of people being needless destroyed because of a policy that belongs in Salem 1692? You fear that your rights being taken away by legalization? Please tell what rights do you currently have under cannabis prohibition? Don’t mean to sound hard, but I am sick to death of cannabis prohibition and people like you who think that legalization is kind of boogey man. I’ve been to Colorado. Legalization is fantastic. It’s nice not to be a criminal. It’s nice to buy from a legitimate storefront instead of some sketchy dealer. It’s nice to buy a product and use with confidence rather than buy on the dubious black market. Fearing legalization? You sound like the prohibitionist-rehab cultists from project SAM. Again, I’m sorry, but if cannabis advocates won’t fight for legalization, then I have washed my hands of this sorry ass movement forever!

  4. Do not worry, People can brew beer and its sold at a store, if cannabis is legal people should be able to grow at home.

  5. Oh you live in the midst of it all I’m way up north and if I had your advantage I would be at every gathering how I wish..the events are all over the MMP magazines free at dispensary. The weed blog contains info. The MMP site itself..

  6. With legalization comes the worry that down the line our rights to grow cannabis could be taken away . If pharmacy can sell why would the government still allow us to grow our own. That is the fear of legalizing medically. What are your thoughts of what could become.

  7. Denise Johnston on

    Better than that and risk being sent to jail by buying illegally and being sent to jail just because some of us only care about it for medical reasons.

  8. Denise Johnston on

    What do you think our chances are of getting at least medical legalization on the ballot for Oklahoma? And if it gets on the ballot what are it’s chances of passing and becoming law?

  9. head of fowl is in cider on

    Big Pharma wouldn’t have anything to do with RMJ, just as they don’t have anything to do with Anhueser-Busch or Jim Beam.

  10. I live in Michigan and the canpaigners need to poll a wider range of voters and advertise when they will poll and I would not have missed them because I live near Lansing (capital) and I never heard of any canvassing going on. I have lived in my town 20 years they never come to my doors

  11. that would be stupid because big pharmy companies would get their hands on our pot, wouldn’t it?

  12. Abigail Daniel on

    They didn’t ask me. I would support. I have many Michigan friends who would support it being legal for recreational purposes. :(

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