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MILegalize Reports Full Steam Ahead At Petition Drive Midway Point


michigan marijuana legalization milegalizeThe Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Committee (MILegalize), the state’s grassroots effort to legalize marijuana for adult use, is near the midway point in their campaign. Committee Chair Jeffrey Hank reports, “We are where we need to be with our signature count, and it’s due to the tireless efforts of our volunteer army.”

The campaign was launched on June 25 with a rally on the steps of the State Capitol building. Since then, members of the Board of Directors have conducted town hall meetings, petition training and media appearances in support of the petition drive. Petitioners have collected signatures for MILegalize at nearly every major event in Michigan this summer.

To appear on the 2016 general election ballot, MILegalize must collect 253,000 valid voter signatures on petitions within a 180-day period.

MILegalize Campaign Manager Chris Silva says, “The campaign is on target and continuing to build intensity. We have over 1,000 volunteers registered in our system and petitions are coming into the Lansing office at a good pace.”

In addition to the army of petitioners working events across the state, the MILegalize campaign has one very noteworthy volunteer: actor/comedian Tommy Chong. The legendary cultural icon recorded radio commercials in support of the MIlegalize campaign. Those commercials are playing in a large section of Michigan already, and Hank believes they will be playing in an expanded market before long. Listen to the commercials at: www.milegalize.org

“Just like all campaigns initiated by the citizenry instead of business, MILegalize has fantastic dedicated volunteers and we struggle to finance the ongoing campaign,” Hank adds. “We are at a good place with signatures. What we need are donors who are ready to help us take this campaign all the way home.”

MILegalize successfully matched a $100,000 pledge from a Michigan donor earlier in the campaign and hopes to see this type of financial activism from others who cannot give their time to the petitioning itself. Funds can be pledged through the website.

The MIlegalize proposal is available for viewing in its entirety on the website or on the back of any petition.

To volunteer or for more information, visit: www.milegalize.com


Jeffrey Hank                                                         1-844-534-2516                                       info@milegalize.com


MILegalize will be well-represented at the Michigan Cannabis Business Development Conference on September 26.

Michigan’s next big marijuana conference is a few short days away! Join Rick Thompson for the Michigan Cannabis Business Development Conference on September 26 at the Holiday Inn Gateway Centre. Marijuana Case Law Update, Legislative Review, so many other topics! 9 Seminars in all.


Source: The Compassion Chronicles

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  1. What is the pulse there is MI? Is this going to pass? We need more to get on the bandwagon and ride this thing into D.C. demanding our right to use without prosecution.

  2. When we legalize you can come up for a weekend and experience some of “Pure Michigan’s ” finest.

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