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Military Veteran With PTSD Featured In New Ad For Arkansas Issue 5


Veterans, Who Have Served Their Country, Shouldn’t Be Denied The Opportunity To Alleviate Their Suffering With Medical Marijuana

Daniel Hankins is an Air Force Vet who suffers from PTSD along with complications from injuries sustained when a 500-lb fell on his back during Desert Storm.

Daniel would like to be able to take his doctor’s advice and try medical marijuana instead of the many medicines that are slowly killing him.

Veterans, who have served their country, shouldn’t be denied the opportunity to alleviate their suffering.

Please vote YES on Issue 5, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act!

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To read more about Daniel and other patients, visit our web site http://arcompassion.com.


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  1. Matthew Cunningham on

    There was a Guy who live in Michigan his name was Henry and he ran a car company that still going on today and he built his cars out of it and they ran on fuel from this magical plant, that he grew on his farms in that state. 1,800 gallons of ethanol per acre $1 a gallon plus all kind of other stuff plus tens of thousands of jobs. Any know where you can grow these magic beans?

  2. How can anyone deny a Veteran anything .These are the people who have risked their lives for our freedoms or others freedoms.To come back to the states and be treated like a criminal is a slap in the face.

    PTSD can be helped with cannabis , The ability to forget is a healing process and cannabis is the best medicine for that . Alcohol will only make it worse.

    Prescription drugs are given to Vets by the truck load and cause more problems then they solve.

    Veterans should be allowed cannabis, they should not have to “Ask” for

    permission,they earned that right!

  3. How many more men who served their country have to be betrayed by a government that supplies for the four of still alive the 10 people who won court case`s. And while the Human Resource Department has patient`s on cannabis. What do you call hipocrite. Seems they are waiting for the four to die. Even with permission of the fedral government they still get arrested and harassed Google _Elvie Musika.

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