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Minnesota House Offers Unworkable “Compromise” On Medical Marijuana


minnesota medical marijuanaA new proposal has been put forth in the Minnesota House of Representatives to gut the existing medical marijuana bill and replace it with language that would only allow for clinical trials for medical marijuana. While it’s heartening to know lawmakers are working on the issue, this proposal would not provide any patients with the medicine they need.

Among its other flaws, federal law would preempt it by requiring the health department to contract with a marijuana manufacturer. If you are a Minnesota resident,  please contact your lawmakers NOW and ask them to support a workable medical program similar to the laws in 21 states and the District of Columbia.

The clinical study amendment to H.F. 1818 was offered on the heels of the Senate medical marijuana bill clearing yet another legislative hurdle. Fortunately, the Senate proposal, which will be heard tomorrow in the Senate finance committee, would create a workable program that would protect seriously ill Minnesotans from arrest and prosecution for using marijuana with the recommendations of their doctors. It would also create a regulated medical marijuana dispensary program to provide safe and immediate access to that medicine.

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  1. Pat Rogers on

    The Bush administration, in 2003, applied for and received a broad patent for medical cannabis applications. United States Patent 6,630,507 “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants” .

    In is infuriating that the Bush administration, and since then the Obama
    administration, with this patent in hand, have continued to keep cannabis in Schedule-1 as having no medicinal value. The families of impacted children, veterans and afflicted citizens who could benefit from this substance need to go to the ACLU and sue the Obama administration to take cannabis off Schedule-1.

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