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Minnesota Poll Shows Nearly Two-Thirds Support Medical Marijuana


minnesota poll medical marijuanaAccording to a new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, nearly two-thirds of Minnesota voters support changing state law to allow people with serious and terminal illnesses to use medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it. The poll also found that the majority of voters would disapprove of their county sheriff or county attorney working to defeat such a bill.

“Personal medical decisions should be guided by someone who graduated from medical school, not law school or the police academy,” said Joni Whiting of Jordan, whose late daughter, Stephanie, used medical marijuana to relieve the extreme pain and nausea associated with cancer and chemotherapy. “Medical marijuana made life bearable for my daughter in her final months. No elected official should have the power to take that away.”

The results of the statewide survey come as state lawmakers prepare a bipartisan bill that would make it legal for Minnesota residents with debilitating medical conditions to access and use medical marijuana if recommended to do so by their physicians. The bill is expected to be introduced within the next two weeks.

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    There are more endocannabinoid receptors in the body than any other receptor type.

    The endocannabinoid system is a major regulator in the body implicated in almost all diseases including cancer.

    Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept – heal the sick.

    What needs to be done is to make endocannabinoid a household word. Leave it at every blog you comment at – not just doper blogs – along with a link to the science. Endocannabinoids A Video. Flood the zone.

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