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Missouri Cannabis Reform Legislative Update


show me cannabis regulation missouri smcr hb 512 hb 511By John Payne

The legislative week was cut short by the winter weather, so there are no major changes to report on either the decriminalization bill (HB 512) or the expungement bill (HB 511). Neither bill has been assigned to a committee yet, but we hope that will change by next week.

In the meantime, if you haven’t contacted your state legislators yet, please take a moment to do so now. Go to our advocacy page and send your legislators a letter explaining why they should support these bills! The site even features pre-written letter to which you can add a personal touch.

When you hear back from your legislator, please let me know where they stand on the issue by emailing me at john@show-mecannabis.com or replying to this email! That will help me know where we should focus our efforts.

I am also happy to announce that a bill to legalize industrial hemp was introduced to the Missouri State Senate yesterday by Senator Jason Holsman from the Kansas City area. The full text of the bill is not online as of this writing, but we will support this legislation and provide you with details as they develop.

If you value our work keeping you informed about important legislation and working to support the passage of these important reforms, please invest in Show-Me Cannabis now!


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  1. I let Sam Graves know I stand WITH cannabis and he emailed me back letting me know that he does NOT support even industrial hemp at all in any way. Work on THAT idiot. He does NOT seem to speak for the people he represents

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