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Missouri City Council Member Faces Recall For Anti-Marijuana Vote

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(via Recall Ginny Chadwick Facebook page)

It wasn’t that long ago that supporting marijuana reform was considered to be political suicide. Now that marijuana reform has gone mainstream, the opposite is often true. If an elected official publicly opposes marijuana from, they will likely face backlash from the public. This is true even in conservative states like Missouri, where a member of a city council (Ginny Chadwick) is facing a recall vote after she voted against reducing penalties for marijuana cultivation in her city. Per the Columbia Tribune:

The pro-marijuana crowd jumpstarted the effort, in large part because of Chadwick’s decision to vote against the cultivation bill and, pot legalization activist Eapen Thampy said, also because she lied to constituents. Soon after Sixth Ward Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe introduced her bill that would have decriminalized the growth of up to six plants, Chadwick said at a candidate forum that she would support it. However, she ended up voting against it after the bill had been amended to reduce the number of plants to two. Chadwick said she hadn’t had time to fully consider the bill when she made her statement of support.

“We got it done, and it will send a signal to decision-makers in the city and around the state that you can disagree with us, but if you lie to us, we do have the political resources” to take action, Thampy said.

According to the city charter, now that Amin has verified enough signatures, the petition will be sent to the City Council, which meets Monday night, and it will “call an election on said recall at the next election provided for by state law.” The question on the ballot will simply ask voters to answer “yes” or “no” if Chadwick should be recalled.

I know from looking at traffic statistics that we actually get quite a few visitors from Columbia, Missouri. I encourage all of you to get active with this recall effort, and to urge others to do the same. Recalling Ginny Chadwick would send a message to all other elected officials that opposing sensible marijuana laws will not be tolerated anymore, and that we live in a new era. ‘Like’ the recall effort on Facebook and stay up to date on the effort.


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  1. I might also have voted against the amendment that lowered the personal grow from 6 plants to 2 plants. If her No vote was obstructionist based, go get her, but if it was a protest against the reduction in the number of personal plants, I’m with her. I want to grow my own organically(TLO) because I don’t trust OMRI to do it’s original purpose. Cannabis should never have been banned. Cannabis is not addictive but the joys of growing it might be. By the way, the need to control other people’s lives just might be the worst addiction in the world.
    I’m becoming more radicalized on this subject and am beginning to believe that all regulation is prohibitionist/obstructionist inspired.

    Let us grow our own.

  2. No way! Awesome! Score one more for marijuana legalization. I never knew that mj activists could be such pit bulls! Just awesome!

  3. Douglas W. Rynex on

    Maybe,as I think about what you said ,I may be wrong..Please be more forth right..

  4. I can only hope this will cause politicians everywhere (even the White House) to: 1. Personally know what you’re talking about (use INDEPENDENT sources of information). 2. STOP LYING!!! 3. (This is for Obama) – STOP being a hypocrite.
    I know that may be too much to ask, but I can still hope.

  5. This is a possible treatment and cure for “Reefer Madness”,,when prohibitches start losing their seats of authority at any level many will research a little further than the NIDA pages.

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