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Missouri Criminal Defense Lawyers Endorse Marijuana Reform


missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meetingBy Dan Viets

I attended the Annual Legislative Review Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers last Friday and Saturday. During the discussion of pending and anticipated legislation at that meeting, I moved that the MACDL officially endorse the passage of Rep. Ellington’s bill to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol. I also moved that MACDL endorse pending legislation which would legalize the expanded use of medical marijuana in Missouri, authorize the cultivation of hemp as an agricultural commodity and free Jeff Mizanskey from prison.

I am very pleased to report that the Board of Directors unanimously passed my motions to endorse all of this legislation.

The MACDL has represented the interests of criminal defense attorneys in the Missouri General Assembly for more than 30 years. Our organizations’ lobbyists work largely behind the scenes to coordinate our support for such legislation and notify us when hearings take place on such bills.

Show-Me Cannabis will be working with MACDL as well as the ACLU of Missouri, Empower Missouri (formerly the Missouri Association for Social Welfare), Missouri NORML and other organizations to promote the passage of positive reform and stop the passage of bills which would inflict greater punishment for marijuana law violations.

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  1. This is exactly the kind of situation where traditionally in American law we want lawyers to be present and to be advising their clients, as opposed to sitting on the sidelines with their hands tied.

  2. my husband has MS and I have fibromyalgia when we moved back to MO from the west coast we really thought it would just be months before everyone in every state realized the benefit not just medical to the patients but financially to each state that marijuana would be and that it is a god med drug which especially in the middle of the bible belt you would think that people would realize that here is a plant that can help millions enjoy their lives and families and also at the same time take a lot of petty criminals and all up out of business while providing the schools and road construction and what ever else the government wants to spend it on a never ending supply of GODs own miracle drug wake up everyone it does not lead to harder drugs it can jake the government untold billions and emptying our jails of all those arrested r/t smoking,growing, selling pot. lets use those cells for the people preying on our children our elderly. the real crimes out their and for that matter putting farmers back to work and it is all with a drug that GOC grows naturally in the ground. I just do not see any draw backs I personally will not be getting it but i aj the 1 percent it does not help with the chronic pain sure wish if I had to be a one percenter i would of ended up in that rich one percent then i could use the money to help cut through all the red tape and lets do it and do it now it is so long over due and if the people in government does not pass all of it some and i mean for every john,dick and harry and their families and friends and if they do not let elect some new politicians that can see GOD gave us a cheap easy to grow answer to so many of out problems work productivity would go up because people would be able to get out of bed and work because the pain was not the whole focus of their lives and be with their families and play with their grand babies please GOD make people open their hearts and minds and reaLIZE WHAT A GREAT SOLUTION THIS IS TO SO MANY MANY PROBLEMS AS I AM SURE YOU CAN TELL THIS IS MY FIRST COMMENTS BUT EVEN THROUGH I COULD GO ON AND ON MY HANDS ARE HURTING SO I AM GOING TO SAY A PRAYER THAT GOD GETS RIDS OF THE OLD BIAS AND STUPIDITY AND ALLOWS US AS AMERICAN TO USE POT TO IMPROVE OUR LIVES IT WILL GOD BESS YOU

  3. Good for them, considering that the more drug laws there are, the more money defense attorneys stand to make defending accused drug offenders.

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