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Missouri Governor Grants Pardons To Two Non-Violent Marijuana Offenders


missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meetingI have been working with members of the Show Me Cannabis campaign out of Missouri for over two years now. I am always blown away by how harsh Missouri’s marijuana laws are. I’m very glad that the Show Me Cannabis team is one of the strongest reform organizations in the country, and that they are working very hard to achieve marijuana reform in Missouri. Today Missouri saw reform victories with Missouri’s Governor granting clemency to two non-violent marijuana offenders. Below are descriptions of both men and the crimes that were pardoned, via KY3.Com:

Bobby Covey has worked in construction and maintenance. In 1988, he was placed on five years’ probation after being convicted in Ray County of two counts of selling marijuana.

Steven Lusher has earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from Missouri S&T, and has been a senior research specialist for several years. In 1989, he was convicted in Cole County of possession of marijuana and placed on five years’ probation;

While these two pardons are very much welcomed, there is still a lot of work to be done in Missouri. Right now a man named Jeff Mizanskey is sitting in a jail cell serving a life sentence for marijuana only offenses. If you live in Missouri, get active with the Show Me Cannabis campaign. Keep working and fighting until all marijuana prisoners are released, and no one has to live in fear in Missouri for consuming a plant that is safer than alcohol. Below is a statement from the Show Me Cannabis campaign about today’s pardons:

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  1. I just find it so funny that SMC posts this kind of stuff when in their legalization bill here in MO gives cops a new DUI law that allows cops to give me a DUI for simply testing positive over a small amount of thc in my system even though I may not have had any for days. Then to top it off SMC wants to give cops millions for their pensions. Cops have budget committees that they should be going through. SMC just wants to move the war to a new venue instead of ending it like what KC NORML will do with their legalization bill. If you want a real smart approach for cannabis join the kc norml group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/102228203501/ . And unlike SMC, KC NORML wont ban you from for posting facts about their bill.

  2. Caolan Garret on

    I agree, they should be released. But its all about public perception. These guys at Gitmo are presented as “cold blooded terrorists”, Mizanskey just sold weed.

  3. Although I upvoted your comment, you should be aware that a number of those held at Gitmo that were “captured” were in fact totally innocent of ANY wrongdoing!
    It would be more appropriate to cite the number of convicted MURDERERS that have been released after serving a pittance of a sentence.

  4. Hard to get work with drug conviction
    There are many in federal prison right now for just weed

  5. I guess you didn’t realize my “grammar nazi” comment was in regards to using “serious” in that sentence instead of “seriously”.
    I’m perfectly aware of the fact that others will not take one seriously when their usage of language indicates ignorance and/or laziness. I’ve commented on this before since it affects the manner in which prohibitionists regard “stoners and potheads”.

  6. Unfortunately, law is riddled with unscientific reasoning as if Socratic sophistry is science. Learning the superficial ways of the grammar nazis is a must to win a case. Though, plenty of diploma mills will take your money, good luck finding a job.

  7. no need to be rude , because no one takes a rude person serious either. and i wasnt consernd with my spelling or grammer.

  8. So these pardons were for things that happened 25 years ago for people that only served probation? That’s weak. Then again, at least Nixon wasn’t pardoning his own son like that jackass from Arkansas.

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