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Missouri Governor Needs To Realize The Potential Of Industrial Hemp


hemp for victoryMissouri Governor Awards Ford Motor Company But Misses Multi-Million Dollar Opportunity

By Amber Iris Langston

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, who is running for a second term this November, presented Ford Motor Company with the 2012 Governor’s Economic Development Project of the Year Award earlier this week at a local Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Clay County, Missouri.

While that’s nice and all, if Henry Ford were alive and present to receive that award, he would probably be bringing in millions of dollars MORE to Missourians.

Why?  Because 120 years ago during the most robust parts of Ford’s life, Clay County, Missouri, along with close neighbor Platte County were two of the largest hemp-producing counties in the entire country.  And very early on, the iconic and important American visionary Henry Ford, envisionedthe car of the future built with and running on vegetable biofuel made from cannabis hemp, the industrial strain of marijuana, among others.

If Henry Ford were alive today, no doubt he would be putting pressure on our legislators to end this insane prohibition of cannabis hemp.   While it would appear that Ford Motor Company is indeed dabbling into hempproducts, it seems our Canadian and European counterparts are much further along in the process.

While there are no clear estimates as to how much money is spent on hemp for car parts, the Hemp Industries Association estimates that US retail sales of hemp products topped out at $419 million in 2010.  Giving Missouri a part of that pie is something politicians, farmers and local manufacturing businesses should all be able to agree upon.

Oh and did I mention that hemp does well in a drought?

Published with special permission from the National Cannabis Coalition


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  1. Steve in Oakland on

    Is this Nixon guy for real? Any relation to Richard M? Maybe he’s trying to preserve the family name’s reputation for being an anti-marijuana fanatic. President Nixon, after all, was the guy who worked out the Paraquat poisoning plan back in the late 60s.

  2. Sweet Anxiety Meet 4Twenty on

    It’s hard keeping the positive vibe going… but you gotta look at this…
    Sometimes things pick up!!!
    It takes awhile to get to the level we want where Hemp will be powering our cars and building our houses!!! Did you know they use hemp to make insolation!!!
    I hope our states can once again take advantage of the market…. since we spread all these international rumors that Marijuana is bad…. we should become the first to legalize it and sell the fuck out of it before other countries leglize it!!! DUH!!! but… our pride and our selfishness to allowe marijuana to be removed from the class 1 drug list we will continue to make money for prisons to hold marijuana users, we will continue to see prices of $20 a gram for lame buds! You will continue to see people killed…. ALL OVER A PLANT!!!!
    LETS joint THE M.S.E.P.M.
    And hit me too on facebook

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