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Missouri Governor Pushes More Money For Drug Prohibition Enforcement


governor nixon funding drug prohibition enforcementBy Dan Viets, J.D., SMCR Board Chair

Governor Nixon, despite a general budget crunch in the state of Missouri, and a lack of funding for education and health care, is urging the Missouri General Assembly to appropriate $3,000,000 in tax money to provide additional funding for state “drug task forces.” This is to replace an anticipated substantial reduction in federal funding.

At a recent press conference, the Governor talked about how important these “drug task forces” are in enforcing the laws against methamphetamine. However, in reality, the majority of arrests made for drug offenses involve only marijuana.

While politicians and the press like to talk about methamphetamine, the fact is that most tax money squandered on drug prohibition enforcement does nothing but disrupt the lives of otherwise law abiding citizens whose only crime is the consumption of cannabis.

We should all contact our state Representative and our state Senator and urge both of them to oppose any effort to increase state funding for drug prohibition enforcement. If the state has extra money lying around, it would be far more productively spent funding drug treatment and rehabilitation for people who actually need that help. That would be primarily people who consume alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals and others who have a true addiction to other substances, legal or illegal.


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  1. This Governor is hazardous to the MO tax payers financial health. Just guessing that he’s a Republican?? And that he’s has past federal experience in both spending to oblivion and creating Federal Reserve Notes out of thin air?? With state & local budgets that are required to be balanced with scarce tax dollars, you can see why this executive mis-behavior isn’t sustainable and if carried out in the tax payers name, isn’t desirable either. Contact the Governor’s office and tell him to KNOCK THIS CONSTANT NON ESSENTIAL STATE SPENDING OFF RIGHT NOW!!! The taxpayers are broke just like the state and can’t afford any more of this…..

  2. You are absolutely right, M. Simon. The most dangerous drugs are, ironically, the ones that need legal regulation the most.

    It’s about harm reduction.

  3. I’d be HAPPY to give them the $3M provided they DID battle the Crystal Meth problem in the Midwest. But they TOUT it as that, then only arrest Marijuana users, while the HEAVY DRUGS go uninhibited into the community. They’ll take the $3M though…. These POT POLITICIANS are addicted to the money created for them by the FAILED War on Drugs. If you don’t want to RETREAT from this Drug War, how about stepping back and RE-evaluating said war. Make this War, commensurate with the PROBLEM! That’s NOT happened since Harry Anslinger declared Marijuana the “Devil’s Weed”, that makes WHITE women want to SLEEP with Black men!!! OMG!!!

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