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Missouri Industrial Hemp Action Alert


missouri hempEarlier this week, House Bill 830, would would legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp in Missouri, was advanced in the Missouri General Assembly. The bill was voted “do pass” by the Senate Agriculture, Food Production, and Outdoor Resources committee — with a margin of six to one — and also placed on the Senate calendar for third reading.

This important legislation has already been approved by the entire House of Representatives, but now must pass the Senate. Time is short until the legislative session ends, so your prompt help is critical!

Please call your senator and ask them to support and vote yes on House Bill 830, the industrial hemp bill. Hemp has the potential to become a major crop for Missouri farmers and a boon to our economy. Let your senator know you want to promote our state’s agriculture and allow farmers the opportunity to diversify their operations and share in a new market opportunity.

Lookup your senator’s contact information here, and then call right away!

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