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Missouri Marijuana Legalization Effort Launches Online Volunteer Training


show-me-cannabisShow-Me Cannabis Regulation Announces Online Volunteer Training

Time is moving along, and we’ve only got three months to get over 150,000 signatures from valid Missouri voters to qualify for the November ballot!

We’ve already trained hundreds of volunteers to petition around the state and are progressing toward our goals. But we still have folks asking everyday how they can help us get signatures – and we need all hands on deck!

We have an answer: online video training!

Obviously it’s best to attend a live training. But if you can’t make it, we’ll set you up remotely. We’ve tried to make it easy.

Just go to the online training page on our website and follow the instructions. We have videos up on YouTube explaining the Initiative Basics and the official Rules for Petitioners. Then, there are a few forms you must fill out to make sure we are all on the same page, and so we can officially connect you to the campaign.

If you want to help us get signatures, we want to help you make that happen! Please follow the instructions below to get signed up:

(#1) Please read the text of the initiative here, and watch our video “Initiative Basics”.

(#2) Read our “Rules for Circulating Petitions” and watch the corresponding videos(parts 1 & 2), which tell you what you need to know to canvass.

(#3) Download and print the “Volunteer Waiver” and “Petitioner Registration Form“. Both of these documents must be filled out, signed and sent to Show-Me Cannabis Regulation, PO Box 5963, Kansas City, MO 64171, or given to a local Field Coordinator before you will be allowed to gather signatures. Please make sure this is written in clearly or it may not count!

(#4) Please download and print the following documents to carry with you and your petitions, in addition to the Rules document listed above:

(#5) You will also need to fill out this online questionnaire so that we know you are ready to gather signatures and regulate cannabis!

(#6) Please email your Regional Field Director to let us know we should be expecting your forms in the mail.

Finally, because every petition that is printed and mailed must be paid for by the campaign, we ask that you make a donation online to help cover our postage costs if it’s possible. Whether or not you can make a donation, we ask you to make a commitment of collecting at least 30 signatures (two pages) and returning them to the campaign office by FRIDAY, APRIL 6TH, 2012.

Thanks so much for being part of the movement!

If you can make an in-person training, that’s still the best route, as it allows us to answer any questions you might have. Please continue to check our online calendar regularly for these and other events in your area!

Remember, we’ve only got a short time to get a LOT of signatures. But if everyone pitches in just a little by volunteering and donating online, then there is no reason whatsoever to believe we won’t succeed.

Let’s do it, Missouri!

Amber Iris Langston
Campaign Director
Show-Me Cannabis Regulation


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     i wish i had this news sooner so all of you out there please do the best you can to get all of the signatures needed to get this on the ballot then get out and vote as for i really have several problems and need medical marijuiana for pain and anixety

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