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Missouri Marijuana Legalization Initiatives Filed


missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meetingBy Phillip Smith

Activists with Show-Me Cannabis Reform have been crisscrossing Missouri to lay the groundwork for marijuana legalization, and now, they’ve taken the next step. Columbia-based attorney Dan Viets, the group’s chairman Wednesday filed a series of initiatives that would legalize marijuana via a constitutional amendment.

The initiatives are all variations on a theme; all would legalize marijuana for persons 21 and over, but vary on the number of plants allowed to be grown, whether convictions of previous offenders should be expunged, and how to regulate advertising. Show-Me Cannabis Reform will do polling to see which has the most support among Missourians.

The initiative petitions must be approved by the secretary of state’s office, and after that, the office has 10 days to approve draft ballot summary language. Even if approved, initiative supporters face a daunting task.  To qualify for the ballot, organizers must collect the signatures of roughly 320,000 registered voters by May 4 and they must gather signatures from at least 8% of registered voters in six of the state’s eight US congressional districts.

Show-Me Cannabis Reform has commissioned polling that shows majority support for marijuana legalization. A September 2012 poll had legalization winning 50%-45%, with support climbing to 54% when respondents were given more information. Still, that is outside the comfort level for most initiative-watchers, who will argue that initiatives should be polling at least 60% at the beginning of the campaign.

But Show-Me Cannabis Reform is undaunted and moving forward. While some marijuana reform-friendly state legislators would prefer that lawmakers deal with the issue instead of voters, the group doesn’t want to wait for the legislature to get around to dealing with it.

“We believe the legislature is totally out of touch with the voters of Missouri on this,” Viets told the Columbia Missourian Wednesday.

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  1. They sould , I think there would be less crime and less people taking pills.Also more good things could come after.

  2. I think it should be legal for all. To have an grow as long as if in your pass when you got convicted of growing there was no violance or guns in your case.

  3. My husband suffers from chronic pain in the back and he has so many different pain medications but none of them work the way marijuana. I would do anything for that man and it kills me knowing that this wonderful plant that could help so many people in pain feel better. My grandmother was sick and in agony before she passed, but my brother got her some green and she was laughing, smiling, talkative and eating well before she passed. This plant is a miracle and I’m honestly sick of the negative view it gets from people who think it to be the equivalent of heroin or meth.

  4. i really hope that this passes in missouri…. if every state did this it would help drasticly with our huge national debt that we are in at this moment…. i would like to no what i can do to do my part in tryint to get this to pass… i live in kc so if anyone knows please email me jbarajas1102@gmail.com

  5. I too suffer from chronic pain so understand where you re coming from. The only thing I can tell you is go to the secretary of state Jason Kanders site and read the details of all the different initiatives and leave a comment on the one you think would be best. Public comment on this issue ends december ninteenth after that kanders office will begin writing up the ballot language so make your voice heard or else we can’t complain if things don’t turnout the way want them to if we don’t make an effort to be part of the solution.

  6. I caught the last half of the Kansas City Marijuana Convention last month and I hope thus passes! I’m a chronic pain patient that gets very little relief from heavy opiates that have harmful side-effects, marijuanna helps mire than anything I’ve tried in almost ten years in the medical world!

  7. You can go to the secretary of state site and veiw each of the different initiative details and leave a comment on the one you are in support of, this will help influence the details of the initiative language for the ballot. I personally support initiative #074 because it allows for up to eight plants for home grow and I think that is a fair number for personal use.

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  9. Be careful about losing due to splitting up the vote with competing initiatives. Having more than one legalization initiative on the balloti do not think is a good thing.

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