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Missouri Medical Marijuana And Industrial Hemp Legislation Move Forward


missouri hemp medical marijuanaBy Aaron Malin

Last week was an excellent one for cannabis legalization efforts in the Missouri legislature. On Wednesday, the Senate Agriculture Committee voted 5-0 to advance SB 255, which allows licensed individuals to grow industrial hemp. Along with HB 830, this bill represents the very real prospect that Missouri could return to its rightful place as a national — or even world — leader in hemp production and processing.

A medical cannabis bill advanced in the House of Representatives, when HB 800 was approved by the House Select Committee on General Laws by a vote of 8-0 on Tuesday. It is extremely encouraging to see how much support there is for medical cannabis legislation in the legislature. However, the flaws in this particular piece of legislation are mounting.

Since the first public hearing on this bill, two amendments have been adopted. Both will limit access for patients. One restricts the amount of cannabis a patient may possess to thirty grams every fifteen days. The other eliminates symptoms such as chronic pain, nausea, and seizures from the list of qualifying conditions. So, for example, if the bill passed in current form, a person who suffered from seizures with a diagnosis of epilepsy could qualify, but a person with the exact same symptoms brought by a traumatic brain injury would not. You can read more about the committee substitute here.

It seems fairly likely that House leadership will bring HB 800 up for a vote of the full House, and, if that happens, there will be an opportunity to improve the bill through additional amendments. Please help us fight for all of Missouri’s medical cannabis patients and make our system as strong as it can possibly be. Contribute $15, $25, or $50 now to join the fight!

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  1. I’m a chronic pain patient who needs this I don’t take pharmaceuticals because I can’t function on them we need to change that!!!

  2. It is not a strain per say! CBD is a chemical found in ALL marijuana. The most famous strain is Charlete’s web. However the strain doesn’t matter it is when the plant is harvested that determines whether CBD or THC is prevalent! Hope this helps.

  3. LOL… In 2016 we are bringing it to the people. Via ballot. Thanks for nothing Jefferson City. Just a bunch of corrupt politicians pretending they care about us. If they cared cannabis would be legal already.

  4. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    CBD Charlotte’s web? All parts of the plant is used for medical uses. THC is used for depression, sleep disorder and PDST.

  5. Can you advise the name of the of marijuana that has no cannabis and creates no “high”? I know it is commonly called 3 letters and used for medicinal purposes. Thanks…

  6. If they feel the need to be carefully restrictive about who gets cannabis for pain, they can do that. But to prohibit cannabis for pain is a grave defect in this bill. Allowing prescription opiates for pain, but not cannabis? Are they fucking crazy? Are they trying to get people killed?

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