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Missouri Medical Marijuana Bill Passes House Committee Unanimously


missouri medical marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

A proposal to legalize cannabis extracts for medical purposes has been passed with a unanimous vote by Missouri’s House General Laws Committee.

Under the proposed law - House Bill 2238 - the state’s Department of Agriculture would be authorized to produce, manufacture and distribute cannabis extract that’s low in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and high in CBD (cannabidiol). Those who receive a recommendation from a neurologist would be allowed to possess up to 20 ounces of cannabis extract.

The proposal also requires the state to certify a higher education institution to cultivate cannabis for research purposes.

The measure, which is sponsored by House Speaker Tim Jones and House Majority Leader John Diehl, is expected to be voted on by the full House as soon as next week.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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Johnny Green


  1. James Sullivan on

    What about the THC in Cannabis ? It has been proven to kill Cancer cells and stimulate new groth of brain cells. Evidently Missouri, People dont need you to do research on all this, we done did our homework on it and know what it can really be used for. We can make fuels , plastics, clothes, we can also make lotions and baby oils and the list goes on and on. Cannabis has over 20 thousand uses. What dose alcohol and tobbacco have ? “NONE”! That’s how many.

  2. Agreed, unfortunately politicians like to lead from behind, they won’t come out in favor of anything until they know a majority of thr voters will support it, well a majority of Missourians would vote for it with proper education and no law enforcment intimidation.

  3. Dolores halbin on

    I need you all to understand something. For decades Martin Luther King Jr, who died for the cause, the Little Rock Eleven (all children) , the three murdered white civil rights workers “The Ghosts of Mississippi” was based on and tens of thousands upon thousands of others spent their lives working tirelessly for the civil rights act, building Bonfires across the country that were waiting for a match.

    Although the movement was chipping away at discrimination, progress was painfully slow. Then, after work one day, Rosa Parks was just too damn tired to stand. She looked at the empty seat and said no more. She sat her tush down right on that seat where it belonged. Trouble was, she broke the law and went to jail. Rosa was the match, as our Gene and I. We did not choose to be, but sometimes you just got to plant your tush.

    For years, people like our attorney Dan Viets, and the mamas of the seizure babies have traveled the state of Missouri, along with folks around the country have fought this prohibition through the Nixon Administration to the Obama Administration. That is seven presidencies that have kept Cannabis a class one narcotic in the same category as heroin and LSD, which is nothing but a bold face lie. When GM lied about their cars and hurt people they got sued and may be criminally liable. What about Obama? Is he not criminally liable?

    Anyone hurt in any way by the prohibition of Cannabis should call Eric Holder 202-514-2000 and inform him of your intent to sue the Federal Government for damages based on the lies of prohibition. Then go on line and fill out a DOJ (Dept of Justice) form 95. The form can be downloaded from the dept of In-Justice web site. It’s only two pages and can be signed electronically.

    Lets end this crap now. Please send this posting to absolutely every outlet you all have access to.

    Garde Bein

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  4. I know. They’re idiots. The truth will prevail and it sucks that people have to suffer until all the damage control is done and the plant is recognized for what it is…a gift to us all. It fries my brain to think of all the lives that have been ruined because of a big lie.

  5. Johnny Bloomington on

    “Politicians need to wake up to what the people want.”

    If only politicians worked like that.

  6. This is a load of crap!! Just when I think missouri might make some progress on this issue these politicians prove just how close minded they really are. If it wasn’t for the fact that this senator has a son with epilepsy they wouldn’t even be considering this bill either, well what about the rest of us who suffer from chronic pain or other ailments? I’m born and raised here in missouri but this makes me soo mad that I’m ready to pack it up and move to colorado where at least there they have a little common sense. This is not progress, this is a cop out.

  7. I live here also Johhny, they aren’t stopping anyone in Missouri from using it so why don’t they tax it like Colorado? Politicians need to wake up to what the people want

  8. ***requires the state to certify a higher education institution to cultivate cannabis for research purposes***

    Some of the horticulture students at that university are going to have a LOT of fun. I can’t wait to read the papers they publish.

  9. they argued that the plants they will be growing wont technically be marijuana, they are trying to make the case that it is medicinal hemp. When the hemp bill was introduced they spent nearly 30 minutes explaining how high cbd medicine was not marijuana it was hemp medicine because of the low thc levels, .

  10. I wish it was better too, but every state that passes some sort of bill naming marijuana as medicine,
    in any form, is a step to get it OFF the Schedule 1 list.

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