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Missouri Police Sergeant Is Hopeful For 2016 Marijuana Legalization Effort


gary wiegert marijuana missouriSt. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Sergeant Gary Wiegert is a 34-year law enforcement veteran. He is also a staunch supporter of marijuana legalization. Those facts have led to quite a bit of contention, as you can imagine. There was a pretty big battle when Mr. Wiegert started working as a lobbyist for the Show-Me Cannabis campaign. For obvious reasons, marijuana opponents and some members of Missouri law enforcement don’t like Mr. Wiegert’s cannabis activism. But it’s Gary’s constitutional right to be politically active when he’s off the clock.

Show-Me Cannabis has an effort underway to legalize marijuana in Missouri in 2016. In order to make the ballot, the campaign needs to gather 157,788 valid signatures. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, the Show-Me Cannabis campaign has the strongest team and strategy in the nation. If they succeed in a state as conservative as Missouri, they will show that marijuana legalization can occur in any state in America. Sergeant Gary Wiegert supports marijuana legalization in Missouri because he thinks marijuana prohibition is a huge waste of police resources. Per STL Mag:

Wiegert views marijuana legalization as an issue of individual freedom and believes that its prohibition is not “fiscally responsible” to enforce. When he first started working for the city’s police department in 1980, police usually preferred not to arrest people for marijuana possession, he says. Instead, they would take the reefer and throw it away, sometimes in a nearby sewer.

“We had that discretion,” Wiegert says. “In those days, if you’d show up with a marijuana arrest, the other police would laugh at you. They really would, because there were so many other, more important things to do in the city than make marijuana arrests. There was a lot of peer pressure not to make marijuana arrests. The other police thought they’d be out doing your police work for you while you were stuck at the station doing the paperwork.”

His opinion on arresting St. Louisans for marijuana hasn’t changed. “I’ve always thought it was a waste of our time,” he says. “You have to do the report-writing, the booking. You have to do the conveying to the station, take them to processing, and then let them go, bring evidence to the lab. Then you have to go to the warrant office and apply for a warrant. You have all of these steps, all this time involved for a little bit of marijuana. It’s not cost-effective for a policeman to do this. That’s when my beliefs changed.”

If you get a chance, you should read the entire article I linked to above. It gives a great breakdown of the efforts underway in Missouri right now. If you live in Missouri, make sure to volunteer with the Show-Me Cannabis campaign. And whether you live in Missouri or not, you should strongly consider donating to the Show-Me Cannabis campaign. Like I said earlier in the article, if Missouri can legalize marijuana, it will prove that any state can legalize marijuana.


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  1. I no Gary before he became a cop he was a good guy then and is a good cop, like he said it not all about making arrest it about the time with his family and friends. Way to go gary, great to see u are doing well

  2. Wake up people almost every tax law sends some amount of that money to pay for law inforcement including your lottery money. I understand that we have a problem with police brutality but so does the entire nation. For the most part though our police do a good job in America but we do have a few bad apples that need to be removed. I don’t use marijuana and could care less if it is leagalized but I know many of my friends who have medical issue that if it was leagalized they would consider using the legalized marijuana products. So grow up, stop complaining, get out there and vote for the things you feel so strongly about.

  3. http://www.facebook.com/MCR2016 So very true. and police do not deserve any money what so ever. Look at how many people are killed by cops. You are 25 times more likely to be killed by a cop than you are by a terrorist. That’s a very sad fact. If they want to dictate where the money goes it should go to things everyone benefits from like education, roads, rehab and research. And actually cops still benefit the most from that split so they don’t need any extra money. We need to put our foot down against cops and shoot down any bill that rewards them for bad behavior.
    Education = less violent crime so cops are less likely to be harmed. Also a better educated people well generate better educated cops. Which will cut down on their violence as well. Plus better educated population means you are drawing in more biz for the better educated the state could supply. hmmm sounds like cops come out smelling pretty there and that benefit alone is not good enough for them?
    Roads = geeeee what occupation is always on the road besides truckers? I do believe its cops. So they would greatly benefit from that more than any other group of people other than maybe truck drivers. Hmmmm that’s 2 wonderful benefits for them and they are still greedy and want more ? Ok no problem I got another one for them.
    Rehab = I do believe cops are one of the most likely occupations to have drinking problems. So rehab centers for them would rock. Help them get their head back on straight so they are not killing unarmed citizens. Then they would not have to worry citizens retaliating on them. What cops? that’s still not good enough for you ?? you got to be kidding ok I will give you yet another wonderful benefit.
    Research = There is a substance called graphene it can be made from the cannabis plant. This substance is 10 times stronger than steel and at 1/6th the weight. Think of all the cool police stuff that you can make from that. Plus this substance acts like a super conductor I think where it makes the charge time and charge last longer on battery operated things like those nifty police flash lights. Plus your children would have better medicines that are not toxic. Well I could go one but it would just make you cops look even worse. And I hope when SMC rewrites their petition they do take out the bribes for cops. I say let the cops continue to fight against legalization it just makes them look like cold heartless bastards. But they do not deserve any more money.

  4. The only reason hes backing showme cannabis……… Their proposal wants to use 25% of the tax revenues to fund police pension and retirement programs……..Thats the rest of the story……….WAKE UP MISSOURI

  5. Fuck off with your comment. Leave people alone in their lives. How fucking stupid are you? Pah real drugs. Dumb motherfucker. I couldn’t say enough bad things about you. I was taken from my mother and put in a foster home full of molested children that molested each other. No involvement is better. The government fucking sucks at everything they do. Get out there and rebuild the roads and power lines like you’re supposed to do.

  6. Similar story: My old upstairs neighbor was a cop who would bring it home to her younger brother. Her only rule was he had to smoke inside the apartment. Her boyfriend who was a narc officer would bring a sack or two home too. It was so sweet…until we moved that is.

  7. Peggy Reynolds on

    We need it in Tennessee, I am a 53 yr old Gramme can’t hardly walk because of the pain in my hips.

  8. UM, St Louis and KC are DEEEEEEEEEP blue democratic left-wing strongholds, to the point that 112 other counties out of 114 can vote ‘Red’ on an issue, then it will be voted down by the 51% ‘blue’ no-vote majority in St Louis County+City & KC.

    In 2008 out state voted for McCain by barely 2000 votes, about the slimmest margin. We’ve been a divided state since the 1860s.

  9. That was my thought. They must be like bigfoot here in Missouri, you know they exist but nobody ever has seen one haha.

  10. I was in high school in the 80’S the cops used to toss it on the ground and tell you that he is coming back later to make sure it’s still there. I used to smoke with the son of an officer who would get it from his dad. Sometimes we would smoke with his dad. In the 90’s he became the head of the county narcotics squad. Ironic for sure.
    Anyhow I would shake the hand of Mr. Wiegert

  11. Johnny Bloomington on

    I want to know when and where to sign the signature ballot and the proper way to sign it.

  12. The war on drugs must end, including “real drugs.” Drug use is an individual problem and a health problem, not a criminal problem. Criminalizing drugs has been an utter failure leading to vast societal and personal costs, while failing to stem use in any way. Legalization of heroin (through a registered addict program) will save billions of dollars in enforcement and incarceration, be a tremendous blow to organized criminal cartels, significantly reduce robbery, theft, prostitution and other crime that addicts must in engage in to feed their habit, and lower addiction, HIV and hepatitis-B & C rates by allowing addicts to get treatment without facing criminal prosecution.

    It will also help restore our Fourth Amendment rights and reduce aggressive policing which is almost entirely aimed at the arrest of street-level drug users and dealers.

  13. Sensible reform rhetoric from another law enforcement agent? It will continue to be a growing trend as more and more agents realize that they are not alone in their beliefs.
    Government proponents are the key to bridging the gap between users/advocates and those on the fence about marijuana reform.
    157,788 signatures is nothing to sneeze at; Folks need to get word out now and get those signings in A.S.A.P.

  14. Michele Erickson on

    Its good to have a police officer to be on our side with common sense about the truth of marijuana. We’ve been told lies for many, many years and now with all the science behind what marijuana to back up what a lot of people kept telling everyone about the facts compared to the lies being fed by the right wingers.

  15. Good info …. Lot of steps and for no good reason …..

    2015 will be good but I suspect 2016 will see legal show-me weed and the release of Brother Jeff ….. Hopefully before 2016 for Jeff!

  16. I wish more people would stand up like this guy.

    Not to sound like a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but the change in policy of arresting people nationwide for small amounts of MJ pretty much coincides with privatization of our prison system. The more people get arrested, the more money they make. While Sgt. Wiegert is more the exception than the rule, the 3 groups besides all the die hard prohibitionists are:

    Law Enforcement both Local and Federal

    Private Prison Industry

    Big Pharma

    Big surprise right? Here’s an interesting read about how crime has gone down, yet the prison population has gone up: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-prison-industry-in-the-united-states-big-business-or-a-new-form-of-slavery/8289

  17. I totally agree with this officer. There are so many more things that need prompt attention. Like real drugs. Wasting man power and paperwork over pot is irrational and pointless. Look how well legalization for Colorado is working. Colorado crime rate has dropped drastically and the states revenue has went well beyond its fiscal cap. So it’s giving back excess revenue back to the tax payers.

  18. It is encouraging to hear some clear headed, common sense regarding the decades long waste of time and resources known as marijuana prohibition.

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