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Missouri Will Start Accepting Hemp Production Applications


industrial hemp cultivation vermontHemp can be used for all kinds of things. Articles that came out this year show that hemp can be used to make super efficient batters. Hemp can also be used for building materials that absorb pollutants and insulate better than petroleum products that are currently being used. Hemp can be used as a bio fuel, and of course, hemp can be used to make clothes and paper. The hemp plant is probably the most versatile plant on the entire planet. The State of Missouri is going to start accepting applications to grow it. Per STL Today:

Missouri officials announced Friday they will begin taking applications from people seeking to use hemp extract to treat severe seizures, although it could be awhile before the plant is distributed.

The state health and agriculture departments issued procedures and guidelines to begin enforcing a new state law that allows people with severe, persistent seizures to use an oil derived from cannabis plants as a medical treatment.

Residents seeking to use the oil can apply through the Missouri health department. In order to use the oil, a neurologist must certify that an applicant had already tried three other treatments.

But hemp production for the treatment is still a ways off. The Agriculture Department announced Friday it will begin taking applications from growers on Nov. 3. The application window will be open for 30 days after which the department expects to grant two licenses.

I look forward to a day when Missouri will allow more than two licenses. I also look forward to a day when Missouri legalizes all forms of medical marijuana so that all patients can use it if they want to. Eventually, Missouri will legalize recreational marijuana as well, which will help the show-me state considerably by saving tax payer dollars, and generating jobs and boosting the state’s economy.


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  1. I guess they don’t wanna miss their opportunity to hook you on their pain killers that will destroy your life and your organs and probably kill you off before you get to the real medicine.

  2. Go Missouri. I am no fan of CBD only oil laws, but what really ticks me off is the mandatory use of perhaps deadly prescription drugs. NM has a similar rule. We should damn well have the right to choose NOT to take poisons before trying cannabis-anything!

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