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Mitt Romney’s Stance On Marijuana Policy In America


Mitt Romney Receives A Failing Grade When It Comes To Marijuana Policy

Now that it’s apparent that Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate for president in 2012, I think it’s necessary to start talking about him more on TWB. I already knew how Mitt felt about marijuana policy in America, both recreational and medicinal. However, it seems that a lot of other people don’t, so below is video footage of Mitt Romney talking about his views on marijuana. Here are the words out of his own mouth:

Mitt Romney’s Stance on Medical Marijuana

Mitt Romney’s Stance on Marijuana Legalization and Medical Marijuana Together

Mitt Romney Shuns Medical Marijuana Patient In Wheelchair

And If You Didn’t Get The Point, Here He Hammers It Home

It doesn’t just seem like Romney is against marijuana; it’s almost like Mitt Romney despises marijuana with a raw passion. In the last video he said he would fight it tooth and nail. The way he shunned that medical marijuana patient is heartless. I thought this guy claimed to be a believer in compassion. I guess not. If you are a recreational marijuana consumer or medical marijuana patient, Mitt Romney is out to get you.

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  1. Bungalowwilliams on

    Sucks cuz if you vote for anybody besides the two main candidates it just helps the one who will win anyways. As far as I can see Obama turned on us and Romney is at least being honest about it. If rater have someone who knows what they want rather than make create false hope. Romney just needs to open his fuckin eyes and see the facts.

  2. Dale Bartholomew Jr on

    I started smoking at 29 after years of drinking, cocain and smoking squares.. I suffer from cronic pain and PTSD from my time in the Marines.. Since smoking, I have quir drinking, coke and Marlboros.. My life has changed for the postive and I havent been this happy in years.. My Sex drive is back after the MEds the VA gave me put me in a zombie like state.. If Pot is a gateway drug then I guess Food, sex and Happiness is a drug and Im addicited. Romney is a Tool, Obama is a Douche bag.. I wish Ron Paul was President.

  3. you wanna see a friggin gateway drug? go tell your doctor your back hurts so he can feed you an opium derivative, Vicodin, Percoset. Or, better yet, go find the abnormal kids in elementary school, find out what they’re being fed. Amphetamines? Lithium? Topiramate? Wellbutrin? Go tell the doctor how stressed you are about your dentist appointment, get some Xanax, Oxycontin. Come on! Kids in my generation didn’t just smoke some shit and get comfortable with drugs, you fed them to us with a smile and a reassurance. and when we found out what we or our friends had been intaking through the internet or another secondary source, it kinda opens some windows.

  4. I’m republican straight out for economic reasons, but there is absolutely no way I can vote for Romney at this point, I think Marijuana should be legalized, I understand that people disagree with that. But to be willing to say that something wont even be considered during your term of a presidency is ludricious. How can you want to be a world leader and not be willing to at least consider the possibility that your philosophy on a certain subject could be incorrect.

  5. Oldsmoothiebot59 on

    is romney clear enuf for all of u? anyone out there doubt he will crack down even further to stamp out marijuana on any level. i will stick with the devil i know, versus, changing horses to a completely drug warrior man, romney. romney makes himself clear frequently on pot, and it is Never a good outlook for pro-pot movement. wake up, read, listen, study romney, and if he is elected, we will all be begging to go back to the days of obama. yeah, once again, it is the lesser of two evils, so goes politics in america, and that will never change, not in our lifetimes, lest we take our movement to another level, get totally serious, and make a better free union for ourselves. no one else will do it for us. romney is a walking talking nightmare on all levels, at least obama has some compassion. i disagree with his stance on pot issues, but doubt it not, romney is a nightmare.

  6. As weird and being a medical marijuana state and having a zero tolerance driving policy?

    On April 18, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled this week there’s no tolerance for driving with any detectable amount of active THC in the body.

    “If you have active THC, you’re ability to operate could very well be impaired,” says Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Al Schneider. “We just don’t have to prove that. We’re just setting a standard like we do for alcohol.”  Schneider charged Rodney Coon with driving under the influence, though Coon has a permit to use medical marijuana, and a blood test detected THC in his system.

    The lower courts said prosecutors needed to show some evidence of impaired driving at the time of arrest. But the Appeals panel disagreed and stated that, “under the influence” means driving with any detectable amount of marijuana in the system because of the  state’s motor vehicle law. The state’s voter-approved marihuana law didn’t change that, and so he court decided that marijuana remains a zero-tolerance drug similar to heroin or cocaine.

  7. Here in the Sunshine state… Narcotic departments are finally being exposed for their sneaky shit! Obtaining personal records from electric companies to see who uses excessive watts… planting surveillance cameras at hydroponic stores…. impersonating cable company employees to gain unlawful access into homes of “suspected marijuana users”. Yes they did! Even went as far as hopping back yard fences claiming they could “smell it”. Then errase the homeowner’s surveillance camera because it identified the narcotic officers hopping his fence! Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, who is in charge of the narcotic department…. is up for reelection…… won’t be getting my vote.
    I have an idea!  All Pot Smokers of America….. plant your seeds! Wether you are biking, hiking, walking to the store…take a handful of seeds and sow them as you go. If the weed grew everywhere…like dandilions for example, Anti-juanas would have a hard time getting all of those plants destroyed.

  8. Lois_corse on

    He is too closed minded to consider anything that is not manufactured in a lab. He thinks marijuana is a “gateway drug” when the only gateway it leads to is the fridge or cupboard.

  9. eating_sunshine on

    The correct question to ask Mittens is; “Has the government lied about marijuana”?

    Also, I live in Utah and I know for a fact that Mormons used and approved of medical marijuana before 1937.  

    What I can’t get a good answer for, is if a Mormon in a medical marijuana state, uses medical marijuana, can they still be in good standing with the church? 

    But anyway, just say no to Romney. 

  10. Mitt Romney is a sack of shit, but Obama is a close second and is STILL going after medical marijuana.

  11. I have smoked over 3 Republicans and 2 Democrat Presidents in my life.  Mitt Romney is no threat to Medical MJ users or casual smokers.  Don’t buy the lies.

  12. Time to decimate the politicians that are against Cannabis.There are more of us than them and we can win this war against the people! Keep fighting the fight freedom fighters,never give up!

  13. It sickens me that Mitt Romney is denying his wife one of the best medicines in the world Cannabis..Mitt hasn’t a bit of compassion in his vocabulary.Shame on him for being so pigheaded against a plant that has never killed anyone.His judgment against cannabis is so wrong and a threat to sick people who need cannabis to treat what ever ails them.Screw Mitt Romney! 

  14. kayaone love on

    Alcohol is the “gateway” drug, if there is such a thing. The government wants to blame people experimenting or addicted to drugs on something else than there own kick back from the perscription drug enterprise!
    The synthetic drugs are nothing like the plant, and they are yet another government ploy, and they get their money also, sounds like a bunch of political bullshit. The plant is non addictive, and is natural. But this would not allow the oh so trust worthy politicians a little hand off from the drug manufactors.

  15. Now that it is certain that Romney will become the Republican candidate I will soon be resuming my “write in” candidacy for President in 2012.  We are in the midst of a National Emergency at this moment that goes far beyond the issue of Cannabis . . . yet Cannabis may well be the catalyst by which we get out of this crisis.  The fact of the matter is we have not had a legitimate President since JFK which ended with his assasination in 1963.  While many theories have been proffered it is most likely that he was murdered for usurping the power of the Federal Reserve by moving forward to print silver certificates outside of the perview of the Federal Reserve: a PRIVATE Banking institution.While I think it highly doubtful that I can be elected what we can accomplish is to expose the massive fraud that is being perpetrated on the American People.  Here is my first article concerning my “write in” candidacy.  I have been a hemp activist for 20-40 years now and have run for Congress in 1996 against Dingel, whose father was a main proponent of the 1938 Tax Stamp Act.

    We now have a majority of Americans that want Cannabis fully legalized.  If we can virally wake up this majority (it is up to you) we many EVEN have a small chance of winning.  But more likely what I hope to accomplish is to build a large group of activists to demand the legalization of Cannabis and a bailout for Mainstreet America.  It is up to you.New Candidate for 2012 Presidency wants a “Green Economy” Based on Marijuanahttp://www.newagecitizen.com/MERP/RelegalizeNowObama57.htm

  16. Jewfromdahood2 on

    Focus on ratifying it in the states, eventually a few years from now the federal government will bow to the states and legalize it.

  17. Nygratefulfred on

    can’t vote for the republican,and OhBummer is the same old pack of lies and Bullshit.So who is the Pro Legalization candidate? 

  18. Marcus Shapiro on

    Stein challenges Obama on marijuana policyPOSTED BY JILL STEIN FOR PRESIDENT 71.80PC ON APRIL 22, 2012 · FLAG
    In a speech to tens of thousands of marijuana reform advocates at the 420 rally in Denver, Colorado, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein took the Obama administration to task for its continuing assault on medical marijuana clinics in California, Colorado and other states.Dr. Stein, a physician and public health advocate, noted that hundreds of thousands of patients suffering from chronic pain and cancers are benefiting from the availability of medical marijuana under state laws. She said that one of her first actions as President would be to “order the DEA and the Justice Department to cease and desist all attempts to harass or prosecute medical marijuana clinics or other legitimate marijuana-related businesses that are operating under state laws.”Stein advocates regulating marijuana in a similar way to alcohol, and has long supported legalization of that drug. According to Stein, this would prevent billions of dollars in profits from pouring into the black market, and would greatly reduce the violence associated with illegal marijuana sales. She feels it would also reduce underage marijuana use, as well as allowing the commercial operations to pay appropriate taxes, thus helping to balance budgets and fund programs to reduce drug abuse.Stein noted that the DEA has placed marijuana in the most dangerous category of drugs (Schedule 1) along with heroin and LSD. Stein said that she would direct DEA to remove marijuana from Schedule 1 and place it in a more appropriate category as determined by medical science.According to Stein, “President Obama promised to use a science-based approach to public policy. But when it comes to marijuana, he has continued the unscientific policies of George Bush, and has even gone far beyond Bush in his attacks upon medical marijuana clinics. He supports the irrational classification of marijuana in the most dangerous drug category, and he supports the ban on commercial hemp growing. This is mania-based policy, not science-based policy.”Stein criticized President Obama for promoting a George W. Bush appointee, Michele Leonhart, to be head of the Drug Enforcement Agency. According to Stein, Leonhart has a history of “overzealous” attacks on legitimate drug use, and has been behind the attacks on medical marijuana. “The President promised us change, but in promoting Michele Leonhart he gave us more of the same. One of the first things I would do as President would be to fire Michele Leonhart.”Stein has toured the country calling for a Green New Deal that would create 25 million sustainable jobs to end unemployment in America, and shift to a new, more democratic economy and politics. “As part of this, I want to see a thriving commercial hemp industry providing food, fiber, and other products from the hemp plant. This will be good for the environment and good for our economy. A win/win solution is within reach if we can just shake off the Bush/Obama past and embrace a rational, effective drug policy for the 21st century.”

  19. Obviousstatementsareobvious on

    With a wife that has MS… you’d think he’d be smart enough to consider all the options. 

  20. Dumbass synthetics can cause seizures, no variety for the variety of symptoms people use the real stuff for

  21. Acefactor717 on

    Absolutely doomed, I personally don’t believe medical marijuana policies will be around much longer, I hope I’m wrong, but look at what’s been done in states like Montana, Oregon, California, and my state Michigan, the politicians are trying to decimate the programs.

  22. No sir, Ron Paul has now won Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, and is getting ready to win Alaska. You won’t hear much about it but its happening. Mitt Romneys already lost but nobody will admit it.

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