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MK Ultra Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


MK Ultra Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

MK Ultra is a heavy-hitting indica that comes from a cross of G-13 and O.G. Kush. Don’t plan on getting off the couch for a while after using the MK Ultra strain. MK Ultra is great for pain management and insomnia, or just relaxing. MK Ultra is not good for daytime use if you have something important to do.

“A fast-acting strain that will leave you relieved of pain and able to get a great night’s sleep.” – Brad420Brad

Check out the MK Ultra marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about MK Ultra, and how MK Ultra affects various ailments.

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mk ultra marijuana strain


mk ultra marijuana strain


mk ultra marijuana strain


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  1. 1 strain wont look exactly alike depending on genetics, growing climate, the growers technique, and growing method(hydro/soil/etc..). i have some mk right now and it looks identical to the top pic. and ive had some in the past that looks like the bottom pic.

  2. Okay, in the top picture, the bud is really purple. Then, the next picture shows a bud without any purple at all — more brown hairs. And the third picture has even less brown hairs than the second.

    And these are all from the same, exact strain? Color me confused.

  3. I live in Washington D C also. Can you send me a small sample. Address it too my secretary.
    Attn ; Dea Themann
    800 K Street, N.W., Suite 500, Washington, DC 20001
    or call first if you want
    (202) 305-8500, ext 102

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