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Montana’s First Medical Marijuana Caregiver Dies In Federal Prison


montana medical marijuanaBy Phillip Smith

The first person to register as a caregiver under Montana’s now gutted medical marijuana program has died in federal prison. Richard Flor, 68, died at a Bureau of Prisons medical facility outside Las Vegas Wednesday just a few months into a five-year federal prison sentence.

Flor, his wife, Sherry, and his son, Justin, operated a caregiver business from their home and at a Billings dispensary. Flor was also the co-owner of Montana Cannabis, one of the state’s largest medical marijuana providers until it was raided by the DEA as part of the massive raids in March 2011.

Although there were no allegations of Flor or his family violating state laws, they could not escape the wrath of the federal government. All three were found guilty of drug-related charges and were sentenced to prison terms. Sherry Flor got two years for keeping the books and tending plants, while Justin Flor got five years for running the Billings dispensary.

US District Court Judge Charles Lovell sentenced Flor to years in federal prison despite testimony that he was suffering from a variety of illnesses, including dementia, diabetes, hepatitis C, and osteoporosis. Lovell did recommend that Flor “be designated for incarceration at a federal medical center” where his “numerous physical and mental diseases and conditions can be evaluated and treated.”

Flor died after a pair of massive heart attacks, according to his daughter.

Three other founding members of Montana Cannabis also face long prison sentences, including activist and political consultant Tom Daubert, who helped run the initiative campaign that brought medical marijuana to the state via the popular vote. At least a dozen other Montana medical marijuana providers have also been convicted on federal drug charges.

As the DEA was busily decimating the state’s burgeoning medical marijuana industry in 2011, Republican lawmakers were also moving to destroy it, and largely succeeded, passing legislation that all but gutted it. But medical marijuana proponents are fighting back. They have qualified the Montana Medical Marijuana Initiative, I-124, for the November ballot. It would repeal the bill passed by the legislature last year.

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  1. This is very sad , my heart sinks when the fed kills another sick person who was just trying to help people in need of good medicine , shame on the federal government & the judge who let this happen ”
    US District Court Judge Charles Lovell ” is a very BAD person.. SHAME,,,,SHAME..My condolences to the family…..

  2. MURDER nothing short of it . To some cannabis patients ,this medicine keeps them alive. when most pharma drugs destroy your liver cannabis is the safer alternative that has minimal side effects.
    The POTUS says they wont prosecute patients and the DEA says the same yet they arrest a frail old man and subject him to arrest . this is Murder .
    Shame on the judge who sealed this mans fate.

  3. It is important that Mr. Flor be vindicated in the multiple elections this November. I love my country and my government, but I will not stand for policies that deprive patients of their rights to proper medical treatment that doctors prescribe. When Washington D.C. dictates the propriety of our medicine, it very closely emulates the elements of a totalitarian regime.

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