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Montel Williams Travels To Missouri To Support Medical Marijuana Legislation


montel williams issue 5 arkansas medical marijuana actI have always been a Montel Williams fan ever since I watched his talk show as a teenager. As it would happen, the first episode I ever watched of his talk show was about medical marijuana. The guests were federal medical marijuana patients. Since the airing of that show in the 1990’s, Montel himself has become a registered medical marijuana patient. Montel Williams suffers from multiple sclerosis. He has been traveling the country speaking in favor of medical marijuana.

Recently Montel Williams traveled to Missouri to support HB 800, the ‘Missouri Compassionate Care Act.’ The Show-Me Cannabis campaign has been working hard in the State of Missouri to bring reform, and infusing Montel Williams into the equation can only help. Montell stated the following, per The Missouri Times:

“I’ve been involved in over 14 of the states that have passed medical cannabis laws in this country in the last 14 years because I suffer from MS, it’s the only thing that has given me relief from some of my symptoms,” Williams said. “As I go around the country trying to lobby for medical cannabis, it’s honestly been — not hijacked — but turned into something else. It’s been turned into ‘selling weed’ around America.”

Williams said that he viewed the issue at least in part as an equal rights fight.

“I will continue to lobby every state in this country to implement a medical cannabis law and distribution system,” Williams said. “Because I have a right to the same level of efficacy of treatment of my medication as you do if you go get a Vicodin.”

The people responsible for legalizing recreational marijuana in Oregon are also members of the Show-Me Cannabis campaign, and I have vowed to do everything I can to support their efforts. As a person who is about to plant his first legal recreational marijuana plants, it’s the least I can do to return the favor. If you live in Missouri, get active with the Show-Me Cannabis campaign, and urge your legislator to support HB 800. I want to extend a very special thank you to Montel Williams for all he has done for the cause. I hear he’s filming a documentary about the effort to legalize medical marijuana in Missouri, and I can’t wait to watch it.


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  1. Yes HB 800 on first read only supports the upper class businesses taking away home grow and limiting access to patients who may not qualify to have their records sealed forcing them to seek meds on the black market risking further legal troubles. Several current bill that Show me Cannabis are pushing in 2015 also take away home grow and seem to be patterned very closely to the VERY RESTRICTIVE ILLINOIS Compassionate Care Act which we all know how well that’s worked or hasn’t so far after 3 years.

    Where’s our Initiative Petition known as Article 1, sec36 submitted to the Mo Sec Of State to gather signatures placing a ballot on the 2016 vote state stand? This seems patient friendly including home grow for those wanting to control their own meds. We as a concerned MMJ community members need to ALL ban together in an spearheaded afford and drive ahead to ensure this ballot passes in 2016. Stop being distracted by all these special interest groups who monthly want to use us to get their bills passed for their own big business.
    Does any sensible person believe Show me Cannabis really represent the interest of the smaller patients over larger special interest groups with deeper pockets. They claim favoring cannabis legalization but seem to support many more restrictive complicated bills favoring big businesses’. I know that I if any of the current bills like Hb 800 were to pass this year Show Me Cannabis would abandon us for the more patient friendly bills.

  2. Was not aware of that Dan, good to see you on TWB. Keep fighting for reform here in Missouri, you do great work!

  3. Montel is a prohibitionist parading as a medical marijuana advocate. When are people going to get wise to his game? He talks about equal rights, but what the hell is so equal about permitting a certain group of people to partake in weed while one group runs the risk of getting jailed and fined? Montel’s definition of equality is Orwellian at best.

  4. I had a medical perscription in Alaska and my weed was constantly stolen and my home was constantly broken into. I hope now that in Alaska there is an ability for all to have cannabis there will be less crime against those with medical need.

  5. Linda Yelvington on

    Montel is quite vocal in his opposition to legalization. He rallies for medical cannabis that is structured to be profitable for big business but not for the patients rights to grow and medicate. I used to admire him but now I view him as a profit monger who has limited use as a spokesperson for an industry needing transparency.

  6. Montel is not only a patient, but also a dispensary operator. He is backing a bill that only allows the very rich to qualify to be producers or retailers of
    cannabis and does not allow patients or caregivers to grow for themselves. He does not support ending prohibiti
    on for the rest of us.

  7. This is great news. Arkansas also has a Compassionate Care ballot issue coming in 2017. I wish Montel Williams would come here sometime in 2017 a month before the vote. This issue was about 3000 votes short from passing the last time, surely by 2017 more people will be awake on this issue here.

  8. Best spokesperson for MMJ there could ever be. Montel is an inspiration to all Multiple Sclerosis patients. I hope he can change the tide here in Missouri.

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