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More Celebrities Need To Fight Harder For Marijuana Reform


Tommy Chong celebrities marijuanaIf I had a dollar for every article I’ve seen talking about ‘fill in the blank celebrity’ getting caught on camera smoking marijuana or leaving a dispensary, I would have enough money to run marijuana legalization initiatives in multiple states. I know a lot of people love reading these types of articles. People see these celebrity marijuana articles and think, ‘Sweet, that celebrity smokes marijuana just like me!’ I am not one of those people however. I look at those articles and think, ‘It must be nice to be above the law. Meanwhile everyday marijuana consumers are arrested everyday because they are not famous.’

I want to challenge all marijuana consuming celebrities to put their money where their mouths are. Or at least lend their celebrity voice to the marijuana reform movement. I want marijuana consuming celebrities to realize that just because they can consume marijuana in freedom, doesn’t mean the rest of us can. That’s why we fight so hard for sensible marijuana laws. As history has shown, average marijuana consumers have to fight as hard as we can to be heard, and we are often brushed aside and labeled as ‘quack stoners.’

If more celebrities fought for marijuana reform, it would speed up the process of success. Celebrities have deep pockets. It would only take one dedicated, wealthy celebrity to run a marijuana initiative campaign in most states. I know if a celebrity was willing to put up one million dollars, marijuana legalization would become a reality in my home state of Oregon. For that matter, if a celebrity would use their stature to even talk often about marijuana legalization, it would help out a lot and it wouldn’t cost a penny. A celebrity talking on a national stage about marijuana reform would be significant – far more significant than an average person talking about marijuana reform at their local supermarket.

One of my favorite sites on the entire internet is the Marijuana Majority. The Marijuana Majority website highlights famous people that have come out in support of marijuana reform. I tip my hat to people like Willie Nelson (who donated to the Oregon legalization campaign in 2012) and Tommy Chong who talk often about marijuana reform and lend their celebrity stature to the marijuana reform movement. I want to challenge other celebrities to be like them. It’s great that people like Rihanna, Justin Beiber, and Miley Cyrus smoke marijuana, and that they are often featured in article photos doing so. However, I would rather see these same celebrities being featured in articles talking about how they donated to the cause, or volunteered for a campaign, or at least talked about a campaign as a spokesperson or official supporter or something.

Which celebrity would you like to see join the Marijuana Majority? Which celebrity do you think could do more than they are already doing? I look forward to reading your comments.


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  1. Dude you among countless other racist, uneducated, ass whipes are going to be the reason medical marijuana is never legalized. Saying things like niglets just feeds the beast AKA anti marijuana activist. Please for the Love of every thing good in this world stop talking.

  2. Brad Pitt , Madonna, cash money, lil Wayne, NFL players, NBA players, congress , doctors, lawyers, judges, ice cube,lady gaga,Micheal Phelps ,bill Maher,mike Tyson , bill Clinton, Jennifer aniston, I say let’s all help the fight

  3. Were NOT out of the woods yet!

    What about Patrick Kennedy and Jimmy Carter? Both liberal Democrats who USED to support legalizing marijuana and now turned AGAINST it! They actually moved BACKWARDS on the issue! Almost 40 years ago when Jimmy Carter was running for president he said he would support legalizing marijuana at the federal level. Now just a few months ago he announced that hes AGAINST it! Same with Patrick Kennedy. When he was in congress he used to support medical marijuana and is now fighting against it!

    Think the opponents of prohibition are simply dieing off like the gay marriage opponents? Think again. Kevin Sabet is only 33 years old. Simply for being young and simply for being liberal sways a lot of young people and liberals. You dont know whats coming. For them to do this is like Rick Perry joining Mayors Against Illegal Guns to fight against gun owners rights! With the way things are going now, I dont even think another state has a chance to legalize.

  4. Jean Anne Lewis on

    We’ve got to believe that every once in a while, we set politics aside and do what is right. Marijuana Reform Is Right.

  5. Celebrities going green can hurt as much as help the cause. Hell, even when they spend their own money in support. A certain segment of the population is going to look at niglets like Rihanna and see it as nothing more than evidence of social decay. Even the endorsement of Sir Richard Branson doesn’t sway these moron loons. What we really need, imo, is the endorsement of white religious leaders of the fire and brimstone variety. Good for the soul and all that. One love! Actually, what we really need is the endorsement of Bill O’Reilly.

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  7. It surely is a new day. It feels like only a few years ago that being photographed using cannabis or wearing clothes that have cannabis leaves on them in public was considered to be a *scandal*. That’s not the case, anymore.

    I couldn’t agree more that celebrities should get off the bench. The list of celebs who consistently go to bat for cannabis law reform (Tommy, Willie, Bill) is so short that we can get by just using their first names. If that list was as long as the list of those photographed with cannabis, we’d have to be more specific. “Which Justin? Trudeau, Timberlake, or Bieber?” Just imagine, if all Bieber’s real and fake fans joined the cannabis law reform movement — the internet might break.

    That doesn’t mean we should *not* pressure our ugly celebrities, as well. You know, our elected officials. They’re the ones who make and change laws, after all. And it’s not a 3rd rail issue anymore for them, not at the state or federal level. McCain just said “maybe” (grandpa really hits them out of the park on his lucid days), and there were two state-level reps, a Democrat in Missouri and a Republican in New York, both busted with cannabis — and there was no public outcry for their resignations. Well, conservative internet trolls were calling for the Democrat to resign (not because he did anything morally/ethically wrong, because he’s a Democrat), but nobody takes them seriously, anyway.

    Let’s not shift the onus from ourselves, either. If you’re an advocate for the laws to change, talk to your friends and family about it. My bet, McCain’s daughter had a lot to do with his evolution — she wasn’t written off as a ‘quack stoner’ by her father.

  8. One of the greats! Wish they’d stick asa Richardson in jail for the same amount of time for dea abuses

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