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More Doctors In Illinois Need To Recommend Medical Marijuana


illinois medical marijuanaI will never forget the first time I tried to become a medical marijuana patient in Oregon. I went to my long time family doctor for an injury and told him that I would rather use medical marijuana to treat my condition, rather than the harmful pain killers he wanted to prescribe me. He got a very sour look on his face and gave me a long winded lecture about lack of research, likelihood of addiction, etc. etc.. The sad irony being that he was trying to push painkillers on me that have literally killed some of my friends who battled an intense addiction to them.

Fortunately, I was able to go to a second doctor in Portland that was willing to do the compassionate thing and sign my paperwork. This is a very common occurrence for people that wish to become medical marijuana patients. It makes me sad that a doctor’s own political beliefs would stand in the way of him or her recommending medical marijuana. But, it happens all to often. That seems to be the case in Illinois, where many doctors refuse to sign their patient’s medical marijuana paperwork. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The small but slowly growing patient base in Illinois’ medical marijuana program has some businesses concerned, and apparently reluctance on the part of physicians to prescribe MMJ may be partly to blame for the situation.

Despite possibly tens of thousands of potential MMJ patients, a CBS affiliate in Chicago is reporting that hundreds have tried to get recommendations from their doctors for cannabis, only to be turned away.

One example: Out of 1,300 patients seen by Good Intentions, an Illinois MMJ patient consulting services company, roughly 900 have doctors who flat-out refused to write recommendations for medical cannabis.

Doctors are supposed to be smart people. So why do so many refuse to look into the facts? If they did even basic research they would see that marijuana is far, far safer than opiate based painkillers. Doctors hand out those painkillers like they are candy, and don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. But the second someone suggests that they would benefit from medical cannabis they act like the person sitting in their examination room is a total junkie. That’s flat out unacceptable, whether it be in Illinois, Oregon, or anywhere else on the planet. Marijuana is medicine, and a highly effective medicine at that.

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  1. The thing is, ive talked to ppl at good intentions and doctors cant lose their license for making a recommendation. Thats all their doing is telling the state that weed could be useful to said patient. The state writes the script, not the doctors. I think thats a big misconception.

  2. Yep,im a qualifying patiant,But im a felon on obama care,no luck on getting medical marijuana pre-scribbed to me,thanks Illinois law makers,

  3. Good point. Punctuation, sentences, & paragraphs would make them a lot easier to perceive.

  4. keep hearing the same story. Pain clinics are testing for pot and will not perscribe pain meds to those who test positive. These people might use heroin from Afganastan. If pot becomes less profitable heroin will keep the black market strong.

  5. When it comes to health care we are all equal rep Lou lang pretends to care for all felons who are free and working hard to stay that way and are in need of heath care we are all equal we can not say that felons with qualifying conditions can’t get medical treatment is very wrong in so many ways we need leaders who can do something about it now not in four years or step aside and quit and let better men or women who have are best interest at heart if we let this happen what next they will they you you can’t get health because of your color of skin who does that sound like and what is that my question to the lawmakers if you pledge to care for the people as you say you do then stand up and change the fingerprints requirements and show the people that they come first its our constitutional rights and our rights as humans so prove to us that the state of Illinois is a state that is free and not corrupt we the people ask for this change what is this world coming to if we stand here saying who gets treatment or who doesn’t so lawmakers please change the your policy you can’t let days pass and cont. Showing the people of Illinois and other state that this is what the united states has come to discrimination hatred for fellow humans we are not animals

  6. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    so is this the only state like this? must be a way around this issue. Find a new doctor? Or some kind of weed map site showing a location for doctor care, who will help you. Doctors today are nothing more than car salesmen. Sure some are true doctors, but the majority want to sell you chemicals. They are basically pimps for big pharma.

  7. Do people really buy it? Stories online stating the DEA will do what your doing. DEA loves to ruin a persons life. DEA will be remember as Hitlers of America.

  8. Yea,thats to bad,they do the same thing at my doctors,they call it pain managemet,but of you get a dirty drop for weed,then they cut you off your pain pills,dont make since,seem like this whole program is really messed up,you proably need a laywer,so do I,

  9. Cohen Medical Centers on

    Illinois’s rules have made it difficult to specialize in cannabis certifications, they require the doctor to be the primary/treating doctor and most will not not take the perceived risk of their medical licenses being lost…horrible flawed system. Cannabis medicine is a specialty we have done it in Colorado for years and the system works…patients get the medicine they need. Without specialized certification centers the system will fail. In addition Illinois state license process will fail under stress of large numbers of patients as the patient and doctor submit paperwork seperalty

  10. I’ve been taking Gabapentin, OxyContin, and Norco for 4 1/2 years for pain. I asked about MMJ 4 months ago and the next office visit they had me sign a contract saying I wouldn’t take illegal drugs under penalty of being dropped as a patient and have urine tested me every visit since.

  11. This just goes to show there are far too many MDs who will not entertain risking their licenses. Every MMJ bill/measure needs to have a section devoted to protecting the MDs who wish to choose alternative approaches to their patients’ healthcare. They need to know their livelihood is not going to be stripped from them for doing the right thing. With assurances from the state that licenses will continue to be recognized, regardless of what litigation may come, MDs will be more inclined to prescribe MMJ.

  12. Yep,Im from Rockford Il,Im on disability for a debilitating condition,So by state Rules,my primary care doctor needs to fill out my application for medical marijuana,But my doctor or the clinic he practices at aint an wont prescribe marijuana for me or any other eligabile patiants.And on my dissability insurance,’obama care’no other Rockford doctor will prescribe medical marijuana for treatment,what is the point in making it legal for medical,because if you aint got a doctor in your hip pocket,good luck!!

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