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More Lawsuits Filed Against Colorado Over Marijuana


colorado marijuana retail legal recreational stores rulesIn America, anyone can file a lawsuit. It doesn’t mean that the lawsuit will go anywhere, but people or entities have the right to try, no matter how frivolous the lawsuit is. We are seeing that play out in Colorado right now. Recently, Oklahoma and Nebraska came out with a lawsuit in Colorado, arguing that marijuana from Colorado is wreaking havoc in surrounding states. As many activists have stated, Colorado doesn’t have a marijuana problem, Oklahoma and Nebraska have a prohibition problem.

While I don’t think that lawsuit will go anywhere, two more lawsuits were filed in court yesterday that have even less merit. One of the lawsuits was filed by two Colorado citizens. The lawsuit states that Rocky Mountain Organics in Pueblo County ‘interferes’ with their views of nature and is going to interfere with their plans to build a house on their 105 acre spread. Per The Cannabist:

“From our property you can see the Green Horn Valley, Pikes Peak to the north and the Spanish Peaks to the south,” Hope Reilly wrote in a statement released Thursday. “We bought our land in part for those spectacular views, but now they are marred by the sight of an illegal drug conspiracy at our doorstep.

“The impact of this on our property is devastating.”

The lawsuit lists the business, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, Colorado Department of Revenue Executive Director Barbara Brohl, Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division Director Lewis Koski and the Pueblo County Commission. I’d love to know what damages these people think have occurred. They don’t like the sight of a legal business near their home. Big whoop. I don’t see that lawsuit going anywhere.

The second lawsuit filed yesterday was by a Holiday Inn hotel in Frisco. A marijuana store and cultivation facility are opening near the hotel, and the hotel owner is claiming that such a business will hurt business by discouraging customers from staying at the hotel, and therefore marijuana legalization needs to be completely overturned in Colorado altogether…I wonder how many places sell alcohol near the hotel? Both of the lawsuits involve plaintiffs that are members of ‘Safe Streets’ which is an organization based in Washington D.C.. To put in perspective how great of an organization they are, consider the fact that they don’t even know how to spell marijuana. Below is a screen shot of their petition protesting ‘marajuana’:

safe streets marijuana

It’s going to be hard to convince people that you know what’s best when it comes to marijuana policy when you can’t even spell the word correctly. Both of these lawsuits are just a political stunt at best.


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  1. The Ganja Group on

    So two of the most boring states in the union are trying to sue one of the most fun? What a joke. It’s not like they’re losing any tourism revenue.

  2. I ran into an old friend and her sister who moved to Ok. 40 years ago. Trust me Ok. there’s a much bigger problem than some good herb, it’s called meth. This must be the grown up version of “my parents won’t buy me one, so I want yours”.

  3. Sounds good to me, but we’ll need another election because the current crop of politicians will be ousted.

  4. I just knew some one would bite. I’m a libertarian. I don’t believe in doing that sort of thing to anyone. And I have been against Prohibition since ’66. Although my libertarian sympathies did not come out ’til ’88 when I voted for Ron Paul.

  5. juwanabeleagle on

    both those lawsuits are bogus, my? is about the first one filed by ne. I thought nonresidents could only buy an 8th? they’d have to go to five different dispensary to get in any trouble in ne. less then a ounce is nothing but a ticket ben that way since the 70’s. people who bring large amounts in must be getting it via black market, or someone who’s legal has found a way around all the cameras & barcodes on every plant?

  6. juwanabeleagle on

    why? you got something to hide? you sound like a typical rep, regulate everybody else but not me!

  7. Are Colorado’s streets less safe, now that marijuana is legal here? Actually, no, they are not. In fact, crime and drunk driving appear to be going down. But that doesn’t seem to stop Washington DC-based, mysteriously-financed cynical hucksters from appearing out of the woodwork, like roaches.

  8. I love Denver, where their are no dictators overthrowing the cannabis consumers constitutional rights to exist, why doesn’t the military round up all the dictator wannabeez and throw them the hell out of this supposedly free country

  9. I think the best response the government could give to this is full suprise inspections of every regulatory body they can utilize. I mean, we have all kinds of potential building, health, and animal regulations that I think they’re both overdue on.

  10. I can’t believe these people don’t yet understand that complete control of this issue is being taken away from them – the majority has become aware of the murderous fraud that has been perpetrated upon them these 8 decades. Prohibs will eventually have ZERO say on these issues because…lying liars!

  11. ”…the sight of an illegal drug conspiracy at our doorstep.”
    WTF is that supposed to mean? It’s more than obvious the only thing that hurts their “view” is that they have some moral high ground that ignores the fact that weed is legal in that state. Poor bastards, they may not even know that there are other people in this world that actually like weed and by purchasing said weed helps to build better schools for the kids. Hey stupid(s), how much you asking for that property? I’ll bet you get double so there goes your lawsuit. Move to Utah, they won’t legalize for at least 20 years and they got pretty views too.

  12. Poor low income people! with their puny 105 acre spread. Plant some fucking evergreens so you you cannot see the den of satan you fucktards! I am sure they would not have any problem with a Liquor store since Alcohol have never harmed anyone or taken a life. Why don’t they move to a place that shares their close minded views, I am sure there are plenty of people that would love to live on that spread that would have no problem with it. Boycott this holiday Inn, they suck anyway!!!!!

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